International "Captain America" poster is the best Marvel poster EVER…

…even though they’re still afraid of his fucking mask. Holy. Shit.

One thing, though – I thought the “international” release was using “First Avenger” as the main title – did they finally abandon that? (Knowing Marvel Studios, it’d be more about not paying for seperate prints than anything ideological, but still…)

14 thoughts on “International "Captain America" poster is the best Marvel poster EVER…

  1. Adam says:

    Now that is awesome. Love the use of color and that sheild is gorgeous.

    And while I like the suit mask is just goofy looking (as most any superhero mask is). I've never even understood why Captain America wears a mask to begin with. I'm not up to date on CA lore but I don't recall him having a secret identity to maintain. I thought everyone knew who he was?


  2. MovieBob says:

    I think Until pretty recently it was a secret-identity… though I don't fully recall how they explained Steve Rogers not having aged 30 years at the time.

    Today it's not secret, and the mask is usually excused as head-protection or “I'm supposed to be a symbol.”


  3. Adam says:

    I suppose. But I'm American, I love the overt symbolism and style of his uniform, and even I think the giant A on his forehead is dumb. I think this is marketing making concessions for the non-comic reading public who think superheros are silly.


  4. motyr says:

    Does Canada count as an “International” release country? If so, I think it's always been called “Captain America,” I've never seen it referred to as “The First Avenger.” Then again, a large portion of Canadian entertainment news comes from telecasts or productions produced in the US, so maybe that has something to do with it.


  5. akkuma420 says:

    I dunno… seems to me like they are trying to advertise Chris Evans as Cap more than anything else. I can't speak for other things lacking the mask, but this just seems like they want you to go “Hey, I know him…” and stop and take a look.
    Sounds kind of silly, but just my opinion.


  6. Dave says:

    Bob, they aren't afraid of his mask. There's just something about showing his hair that looks a bit more attractive, because his hair gives him a bit of character.

    Hell, I like the mask, even the classic one, but if I made a Cap movie I'd have him pull it off all the time because he looks more attractive when you can see his hair and it helps audiences identify with it more.

    Plus, it's probably just a way to cross-market with the current Fear Itself comics (also starring Thor), in which he doesn't actually wear a mask at all.

    Btw, when are you going to post your review of Bayformers 3? Been waiting on that. 😉


  7. Dave says:

    Another quick example: Cyclops. I get hardcore, long-time X-Men fans love his look with the cap over his head but I hate it. I'm more partial to his '90s and 2011 anime looks because showing hair can also be very expressive for the character, and makes him look like a person instead of a fucking machine.

    Though in all honesty Cyke is a tool either way. Hate that fucking douche-canoe with passion. Talk about devoid of a personality…..


  8. Avistew says:

    I think it's just a case in which they think the actor's face is more recognizable than the mask, or will draw more crowds.
    For Batman and Spiderman the mask part is a pretty important part of their costume, but to me Captain America is about the shield. You'd give his shield to someone dressed in just about any way, I'd know it's him. However give him the rest of the costume and no shield, and I'll do a double take.

    I don't know how representative I am of non-comic geeks, but if I am representative at all it's probably a smart move.


  9. Alade says:

    In my country (a former communist country), the movie is marketed as “Prvi osvetnik: Kapetan Amerika”, which translated means “The first avenger: Captain America”.

    So they're not going with the title being “The first avenger”; but they're still highlighting that part of the movie name.


  10. Chris Cesarano says:

    Meh, I like the Helmet a lot actually. Makes him look a bit more soldier-esque. Then again, I've never minded the space-marine in a suit look, but that's partly because you avoid the “I'm a generic white man” look with it.


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