Holy F**K! "Red Tails" is actually coming out!

This sort of thing has passed into film-geek legend at this point, but there’s always been this whole list of “dream projects” George Lucas was going to make once “Star Wars” was suitably wrapped-up; and of all of them “Red Tails” – a WWII actioner about The Tuskegee Airmen – has been one ‘just about to get made’ for at least two decades. Because, y’know… George Lucas.

Well, the son of a gun finally did it – as a producer and (supposedly) very hands-on post-production overseer and genre-TV vet Anthony Hemingway directing. And it has a trailer…

The Tuskegee Airmen are one of those “why haven’t there been FIFTY movies about this?” WWII stories, and while there was already a really good ‘serious’ biopic version for HBO years ago I like the idea of the story getting the soaring, kinda-corny old-Hollywood approach Hemingway and Lucas seem to be striking here.

I wonder… does it still “register” with people that “Star Wars” doesn’t really become a samurai-in-space series until “Empire;” and that the first one is much moreso a WWII fighter-pilot movie but in space?

18 thoughts on “Holy F**K! "Red Tails" is actually coming out!

  1. Gray says:

    I hope this ends up being good, George Lucas has become such a sad figure this last decade, it would be nice to see him regain at least some of his former glory.


  2. Joe says:

    I saw that biopic, but definitely looking forward to this one.

    New Hope's kind of half-and-half though, isn't it? The first half is mostly Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress (to be fair a lot more light-hearted than his other samurai films) but the Death Star run is definitely The Dambusters/633 Squadron all the way.

    It's kind of unfortunate that no major sci-fi properties delve into space combat anymore. Sci-fi movies are all metaphors for 9/11 instead of WWII, the once bountiful space combat sim genre is all but dead in gaming–replaced by space marine FPSes, and even Star Wars in the last decade has been all about the Jedi Knights and barely about space combat at all.


  3. Chris Evans says:

    I think the biggest mistake Star Wars made was making it about the jedi. The Original trillogy worked because Luke wasn't really a jedi until the very end, and you had several strong non-jedi characters.

    Lucas should have focused on non-force sensitives for the new trilogy and only had 1 or 2 jedi show up, keeping as much mystique around them as possible. A better movie would have been a full production of Dark Forces 2. The Old Republic cinematic trailers are better star wars movies than the prequel. With about the same amount of cgi.


  4. biomechanical923 says:

    This trailer looks absolutely incredible. I will definitely see it.

    I must admit that I'm more than a little thrilled to see that this movie doesn't appear to contain Nick Cannon or any of the Wayans brothers as bumbling comedy relief foils, as Hollywood tends to enjoy doing (see Transformers 2)


  5. Benfea says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! [/youngobiwan]

    This story is so moving to me, and I shudder to think what Lucas will do to butcher it. (Those of you praising the trailer should remember that Lucas makes much better trailers than he does movies.)

    The worst part is, I love the story of the Tuskeegee Airmen so much that I'll probably go see it anyway. Dammit, it's like the prequel trilogy all over again!


  6. KevinCV says:

    God, I seem to be one of the few “Star Wars” fans who actually liked the prequel trilogy. Were they perfect? Hell no! Did I enjoy them anyway? Hell yes! Same goes for “Crystal Skull” for that matter!

    Now maybe I'm just one of those people who's easily satisfied with stuff, but it seems like you can't properly enjoy or even be a fan of something sci-fi nowadays unless you consider the original creator -or in the case of “Doctor Who”, whoever is the current showrunner an egotistical anti-Christ out to ruin their rose-tinted vision of what the franchise is “supposed to be”.

    That's not to say some of those complaints don't have some merit. For example, I still totally agree with Bob that Michael Bay royally fucked up Transformers. Let's just pray to God the damage isn't irreparable.


  7. BJames says:


    I think we are in a minority when it comes to the internet…

    When ever StarWars gets brought up, everyone becomes bitter 40 year olds hating on the prequels..


  8. Steven says:

    Well, no Broesel, it's a movie about “untermensch” blowing Nazi's out of the sky, which never gets old. And PS stop being such a fucking tool, the reason the American bombers were vulnerable to German day fighters like the BF 109 and the FW 190 was the decision to try to actually hit strategic targets rather than just lay waste to cities the way RAF's Bomber Command did.


  9. jpj says:


    While the RAF was indeed much more ruthless in this regard, did USAAF pilots engage in bombing civilans as well. As it turned out, daylight bombing was “precision bombing” only in the sense that most bombs fell somewhere near a designated target: Only about 20% of bombs aimed at “precision targets” hit within 1000 feet of them. The fire bombing that the USAAF engaged in as well as the RAF did was meant to create destruction and death in as wide an area as possible; this destruction of residential areas with firebombs was a tactic that the US perfected e.g. at Dugway proving ground. In fact, “undermining of the morale of the German people” was an explicit aim of the Casablanca directive. And so, USAAF bomber pilots participated in terror raids of Hamburg, Dresden and others. Even when the war was already practically over, cities were flattened and their inhabitants killed for no military reason, e.g. Halberstadt in April of 1945.

    I am afraid that there is no getting around the fact that war does terrible things to people. It'll be interesting to see whether the movie will dare show what combat did to the souls of those involved, or rather give us anotehr take on americans=good, germans=nazis.


  10. Selestosaur says:

    This to me looks like OSCAR BAIT.
    OVER COMING a CLASS barrier. Check
    WWII. Check

    If you don't know what I'm talking about go watch the king speech moviebob episode.


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