Marvel Readying "Doctor Strange?"

This isn’t exactly a surprise, as Strange has been on the known “wish list” for Marvel Studios’ (alongside Luke Cage, Black Panther, Iron Fist and others) post-“Avengers” slate for awhile. Still, it’s pretty awesome to read Twitch’s report that they’ve accepted a script and are actively working on it.

Short Version: Steven Strange is a brilliant-but-crazy-arrogant surgeon (so yes, “Doctor Strange” is actually his PROFESSIONAL title even before he had powers) who screws up his hands in an accident and can’t do surgery anymore. Seeking a magical hand-cure among Tibetan mystics, he saves the life of an ancient wizard and winds up drafted as the Sorceror Supreme. Even Shorter Version: “Venture Bros.” Doctor Orpheus, only played straight.

So, it’s “House” crossed with “Harry Potter,” basically.

8 thoughts on “Marvel Readying "Doctor Strange?"

  1. Drunken Lemur says:

    Well, weren't the Defenders brought together by Doctor Strange? That'd be pretty cool. What team lay out are you thinking. If and when they make the Luke Cage Movie, they have to tie it in with Iron Fist.


  2. Mads says:

    when you describe it as house crossed with harry potter, it's strangely worlds more appealing to me.

    Maybe it's because the bitterness Dr. Strange is almost certainly harboring in the beginning has never been let loose in any adaptation I've seen so far.

    But I would totally watch House running around trying to kill Voldemort.

    It's probably because Dr. Strange always focused so much on magical artifacts and spells and all sorts of unreal efforts that always needed to be explained to me as they were happening. But if they do magic right, such that it behaves in a predictable fashion and doesn't pull any “it's magic, so anything can happen” stunts, I'll watch it.


  3. Alexandre says:

    It would be incredible to see The Hulk parting with The Avengers and going with The Defenders. I love his suspicion of his own teammates and not being accepted and I think this conflict would be great to see adapted into the big screen


  4. Unknown says:

    Curious Bob, what's your opinion on Patrick Dempsey trying to lobby himself for the role of Doctor Strange? Do you think anyone else more fitting comes to mind?

    Also, BIG fan of your work on The Escapist.


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