This is your new Catwoman

Hey… why WAS Warner Bros. in such a hurry to get a picture of Superman looking more-or-less like himself (big shield, big cape, shadows keeping the “briefs or no briefs” discussion for another day) out into the fanboy-blogosphere when the movie isn’t due out until 2013? Well, maybe because they didn’t want the ONLY conversation about their increasingly-trouble DC Universe movies this weekend to be “Where are her ears???”

Well, now we know who bought up all the nondistinct black scuba-gear now that the X-Men aren’t using it anymore…

Yeah, yeah, first picture, no context, trust Nolan, blah blah blah…

The costume (or lack thereof) designs in pretty-much all of the Nolan Batman movies read like some kind of personal filmmaking challenge: Now they have to make the script/acting/direction SO GOOD that people won’t care how boring everybody looks. For my part, I’m not exactly sure why anyone is surprised – what did you expect the result to be when a character built entirely around sexuality and an visually-absurd costume-gimmick is reimagined by a filmmaker thus far singularly-disinterested in sexuality and visually absurd costume-gimmicks? Not bad, not terribly exciting, get ready to not be surprised when she’s never actually reffered to as “Catwoman.” I’m sure the movie will still be fine.

Look, everybody knows I loved “Begins” and “TDK,” and I expect to like this one much the same. But yeah, with this being the last one, I hope “Rises” is also the death knell of this particular era/aesthetic in superhero movies. As far as I’m concerned ‘realism to a fault’ has been dead since Robert Downey Jr. told his computer to paint his outfit red for no particular reason, and at this point watching Batman and company still going through these motions is kinda like seeing someone still walking around in acid-washed jeans and a popped-collar.

35 thoughts on “This is your new Catwoman

  1. Steve says:

    I don't mind the black latex, I've always preferred the Adam Hughes Catwoman more than anything.

    I think Nolan is missing an opportunity here. She's on a bike, why not give her a cat-oriented helmet to go along with said bike?


  2. Adam says:

    Was never really sold on an Anne Hatheway depiction of Catwoman to begin with. Yeah she's a pretty good actress and not unfortunate to look at but Catwoman or at least what the majority of fans consider to be Catwoman? If she pulls that off I'll consider it the great success off her career.


  3. Dave says:

    I'm really not digging this. The Catwoman costume currently in the comics has got to be THE EASIEST outfit to translate directly into film. It's a motorcycle outfit with a whip, clawed gloves, a cowl with little ears and goggles.

    Christ, I've made movie-grade cosplay of this outfit for friends with crap lying around in my garage…….* It's not difficult to do AT ALL, even without going overboard with excessive detail like her Arkham City look.

    But Jesus, if ANY character in this film has trouble identifying her as Selina Kyle, I'm going to punch someone.

    I'll bet my 72″ flatscreen this is going to be horrific miscasting, and that (as Bob said, and yes, I WILL give him credit for this), she will never, EVER be referred to as “Catwoman” in the entire film.

    Here's a GOOD Catwoman outfit: Why Nolan's production staff couldn't make that for film, I don't know. But that scuba mask has seriously got to go……..

    *if you didn't get the joke with regard to how Nolan designed the batpod with spare crap from his garage, I feel really sorry for ya….. :/


  4. Chris Wyatt says:

    Kind of meh, I agree. Not horrible, but there's not much about it that really screams Catwoman. Wouldn't surprise me at all though if that turned out to be a prototype or a mark-1 kind of deal.


  5. motyr says:

    I've normally scoffed at MovieBob's criticism of “ultra-realism” in genre flicks, but I think recently my mind has changed. I've watched all the Avengers films this week, and I'm going to see Capt. 'Merca tonight, and if there's one thing I've really grown to love, it's that they're all unapologetically weird and whacky and, most importantly, fun. I liked Begins and TDK, but, to be completely honest, I'm kinda getting tired of Batman being so goddamned gritty and “real”.

    After seeing that shot of Superman yesterday, I'm convinced, regardless of the job Zack Snyder will do with that particular costumed hero, he needs to direct the first post-Nolan Batman flick and have some fun with it. His aesthetic fits perfectly with the image of Batman in my mind. Did anyone really question the “realism” of Watchmen? Critics and fans accepted all the “quirky” bits (Rorschach's mask, etc) as a part of that particular universe and suspension of disbelief was maintained.

    Actually, I'm reminded of a Game Overthinker video in which Bob said that as video games become increasingly “realistic,” the “non-realistic” elements stick out even more than they otherwise would. To me, that began with the introduction of the super-sonic cell phone sonar in TDK and it continues with this photo of Catwoman/Selina Kyle/Whoever. I will refrain from making any further judgment until we either see more shots or we get some context for this one.

    At this point, the initial allure of Begins and TDK (serious Batman flicks that redeemed the sins of the previous two abominations) is starting to wear thin for me.


  6. The Grey Man says:

    I don't see why the Batman movies shouldn't stay the way they are. Just because, to use Bob's example, Iron Man, a different series from a different comic book company, done by a different movie studio, is different, Batman needs to change? I'm not saying Iron Man needs to be dark or gritty, or anything from Marvel needs to be more like Batman, I'm just saying Batman doesn't need to be like them, either. Comic book movies can be dark and good, they can be light and good, fun and good, artsy, weird, strange, surreal, whatever, and good. If the fanbase at large is just going to complain that one series is wearing thin because another series is doing things differently, that's going to convey “the comic book fans want their movies to all be the same” and that's going to negate the work all these awesome movies have been doing the past few years elevating the genre. Yeah, it's GREAT that “Thor” was a ton of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed “Captain America,” red skull'ed villain and all. I also liked “The Dark Knight” being a serious superhero movie. We can have it both ways, I doubt anybody actually wants homogeneity in super hero movies.


  7. Chris Cesarano says:

    As far as I'm concerned 'realism to a fault' has been dead since Robert Downey Jr. told his computer to paint his outfit red for no particular reason…

    Truth be told, it is fitting with the character they establish. Just seeing all those classic muscle cars in his garage is enough to let you know Tony Stark likes style, and instead of designing his armor with strict military code in mind he's going to go with style.

    So there was a reason. It was aesthetically pleasing to him.

    As for the outfit, well, I don't want to judge the outfit yet. Context and all that. It's the motorcycle thing that gets me. Is she using Batman's? Is that her own? How'd she get hold of it? Why is she using it? None of it seems to fit the sexy sneaky thief that prowls the night to me.

    At the same time, though, most of my concepts of Catwoman come from the animated series or Returns, so seeing Selina Kyle as a not-blonde just seems to be odd for me (which is funny, because usually I'd have no problem with a character NOT being blonde).


  8. Robert Garlen says:

    Why does she have to have comic book-esq costume. I love the comics but Catwoman has only had 1 maybe 2 costumes (if you count TAS) that can translate into film and only one that wouldn't just look odd. She looks like a cat-burglar and not only that she looks like the Julie Newmare Catwoman swapping the ears out for cat-burglar goggles. underneath the goggle she has a cat-styled kato mask.

    I think her outfit is fine, the only thing i would add is a whip.

    Personally I've never had a problem with any of the Nolan designs, at the end of the day it's a movie. no more no less.

    If you want a colorful Batman movie then Warner Bros and some fans could begin to think it's Batman and Robin all over again. They can go ahead and reboot Batman after this is over, it'll happen eventually and probably with a director who'll claim to make it more intune with the comic books. But can we just get past this whole “this looks horrible” thing and actually look forward to it for what it could be a great film that fans will love despite anyone's gripe with the costume.


  9. Hyrabethian says:

    Dude, you do know acid washed jeans and popped collars are back in again right? No, I'm being serious.

    Anyways, as for the Catwomen outfit…well I wasn't expecting anything to top Michelle Pfeiffer, but Catwomen WTF is this?? What's up with the huge VR glasses?? Is she having a game of light cycle while saving/stealing the day?? lol


  10. Hyrabethian says:

    Oh this reminds me. Hey MovieBob, what's your impressions on the new Batman game coming out this year? Everyone seems to be loving the Catwomen in that game since she looks like Adam Hughes' Catwoman. The Penguin with an English accent…and finally what some people are saying the best Robin has ever looked.



  11. MovieBob says:


    I enjoyed Asylum immensely, hoping the sequel is just as good or better, very fond of it's design-sensibility overall.

    That said, their “Robin” is godawful – when I first saw it, I thought it was a joke.


  12. CraftyAndy says:

    oh yeah because the campy comic book era and movies did the genre so well with Super Friends, and batman the brave and the bold. No thanks I'll pack my bags and stay away from these things as soon as that happens bob. I like character driven narrative in the most fantasy filled way.


  13. Aiddon says:

    I can tell ya why they didn't put cat ears on her: because unless you're cosplaying, it looks fucking STUPID outside of cartoons and comics. That's a gigantic problem with a lot of superhero stuff: in comics, they're fine, but when you insert that kinda stuff into the real world the uncanny valley smacks ya in the face like Sugar Ray Leonard.

    And quite frankly I'm fine with the Nolan-esque aesthetic of superhero adaptations. All camp is no better than all grit, period.


  14. Darren says:

    For some reason I feel, since this is the last one, they are going to try and have to many villians, or heroes in it which is the greatest down fall of all super hero movies IMO.

    This movie can still work, but I hope they make a fourth one with The Penguin and Mr. Freeze. They would go good together. Besides why does everything have to be a trilogy why is 3 so special :/


  15. Chris Cesarano says:

    All camp is no better than all grit, period

    Why does it have to be one or the other? As I've said a ton of times, Mr. Freeze would make an excellent villain for the tone of Nolan's universe with one exception: his needing-to-be-cold-all-the-time nature (not to mention his freeze ray, etc). That's only because Nolan has, thus far, completely kept things on a more realistic level (it may also be because Nolan seems to draw from some of the older comics, and before the animated series Mr. Freeze was largely a joke villain).

    I mean, you can only do a film about a man dressing up in a bat costume while poking fun that he is dressing up in a bat costume so long before the audience just wants you to shut up and accept it, now on with the other ridiculous gimmicks.

    This is why I feel, after this film, we shouldn't reboot Nolan's universe. We should flip him the bird and continue it without him, just so Batman can have access to a wider range of villains without having to go full-blown Spider-man. Yes, cross him over with Superman. Yes, let him fight Clayface and shit.

    Just deliver us something good. Allow Batman himself to change each movie rather than trying to retread old ground. Go for story-arcs from the comics that left things changed forever (have Batgirl introduced in film #4, then in film #5 or #6 paralyze her and turn her into Oracle).

    The typical trend is that audiences get tired after movie number three…unless you can create an on-going and ever-changing story. Check out how well Harry Potter has done. Why the Hell shouldn't something similar be tried for Batman? Especially if it isn't forcing a new film every year or every two years? Keep the steady, measured pace to ensure quality (and happiness of actors involved) and BAM! you could potentially have a long lived film franchise.

    I'm sorry, I went on an off-topic tangent.


  16. Shannon says:

    @Chris Cesarano said..
    The typical trend is that audiences get tired after movie number three…unless you can create an on-going and ever-changing story. Check out how well Harry Potter has done. Why the Hell shouldn't something similar be tried for Batman? Especially if it isn't forcing a new film every year or every two years? Keep the steady, measured pace to ensure quality (and happiness of actors involved) and BAM! you could potentially have a long lived film franchise.

    I agree with just about everything you said, especially this. Thing is, while that would be an awesome thing to happen, I think the chances of it are slim. It would take having people behind it who respect and accept everything about the Batman universe (both campy and serious) and aren't in it just because any Batman film is guaranteed to make a bunch of money.

    As for Catwoman, I don't like it. She is my favorite character in the Batman universe, so it really irks me. Context or no, because I have major doubts about whether Nolan is the right writer/director to try to use her. The bottom line is that comic book heroes/villains are pretty much defined by their costumes. If you make the costume unrecognizable, you might as well just call the character something else. Having Catwoman/Selina without ears, claws, and a whip (the things that make her stylistically Catwoman) is like putting some big burly guy dressed similarly to Rambo in the film, then calling him Dick/Robin and expecting people to just buy it and not say something.

    And I don't buy the “her comic/cartoon costume is stupid” thing. Nothing is more stupid than the costumes Batman has had in almost all his films. Rodent ears and cape aside, he's supposed to be an quick, agile and flexible ninja/vigilante… in three inches of rubber.


  17. Aiddon says:


    I KNOW what the uncanny valley is, it was just a metaphor. That's the closest thing I can compare it to. See a woman wearing cat ears in a comic, cartoon, or videogame, no one bats an eye. See it in live action and, well, it looks really, really DUMB. It's just a bizarre clash.


  18. Dave says:

    @Aiddon: I'm surprised Bob didn't seem to understand what you meant. I totally understood where you were going with your comparison.

    But hey, that's Bob for ya. Always responds with statements that outright miss the points people are actually making…… :/


  19. Christian says:

    @Dave: Bob was right when he said Aiddon misused the Uncanny Valley. It was a pretty lousy metaphor because of that.

    I'm just adopting a wait and see attitude. Hell, for all we know this scene is where her ears get knocked off in a fight and she doesn't have time to retrieve them before she escapes on the cycle.


  20. Hyrabethian says:


    Yeah, I'm not too fond of the new Robin either. Although I kinda like the cloak, he freakin looks like Cole Mcgrath from Infamous with that buzz cut.

    Plus, Harley Quinn looks a little too “grunged” out for me.

    Either than those two, everyone else looks great.^^


  21. Jonny Pratt says:

    To be fair, batman starts his crusade in “begins” wearing a balaclava, holding up commissioner gordon with a stapler. This could easily just be a “first draft” of the full costume. She might take half the movie to glue on some cat ears. Hell, she might not even have any at all. Does it even matter? The films thus far are all about characters – the people beneath the suits/costumes/nasty burns. If catwoman is catwoman because she's a woman who looks like a cat then that sounds like a pretty dull character to me.


  22. Chris Cesarano says:

    Without his “needing to be cold all the time” nature what would Mr. Freeze have left?


    Seriously though, that was part of my point. You can't really have Victor Fries without the fantastical “always needing to be cold” element or obsession with cold/snow/ice based weapons. With Nolan's love affair of realism, this basically means Mr. Freeze won't work in his universe.

    But that's a damn shame, because the actual character of Mr. Freeze is an excellent one. His entire shtick is that the company he worked for, the one that was supposed to help him cure his wife, screwed him over and his motivations are a combination of revenge and the desperate journey to save his wife, no matter the cost. Considering how the League of Shadows in Begins was about ends not justifying the means, Mr. Freeze is a very fitting villain.

    The only problem is that you'd sort of be repeating the character growth from the first film. Of course, I'd still love to see Scarecrow used seriously, but Nolan seems insistent on him being a sort of joke villain (taken out by a taser? Seriously?). Two-Face would have been an excellent bad guy to close the trilogy with, but instead they killed him off.

    I think one of the reasons I can't get fired up for The Dark Knight Rises (aside from not being fond of the third act of The Dark Knight altogether) is because I can't really see what this film is supposed to force Batman to go through and learn. Unless Bane snaps his back in half or something. I don't know.

    Maybe the real lesson is supposed to be about Gotham needing Batman, considering the trailers, and thus treating Gotham as its own character.


  23. Jwillx70 says:

    Be warned. This is a long one.

    Well… there's another picture of her as seen from the side here:

    For those looking for context, it looks like she's riding the batpod through the snowy streets of Gotham in the middle of the day. For MovieBob, it's an angle that is a bit more “flattering” of Ms. Hathaway's figure than the one posted above.

    I do agree with you Bob a zany sense of adventure and fun has been absent from the American superhero scene for some time, but I don't think that the Gritty & Realistic approach should be done away with completely. Especially when it's done by people who know how to make it spectacular. People like Mr. Nolan and company.

    That being said, I am getting less and less thrilled about watching another retread of the “Batman is pushed to his physical and emotional breaking point by strange new enemy” arc. We saw it Knightfall, Hush, R.I.P., and the last movie. Do we really another one so soon?

    I really would have preferred something along the lines of a Blind Justice adaptation. It would be the perfect coda to TDK. Bruce Wayne is having recurring nightmares that with out Rachel Dawes to keep him grounded, the Batman persona is completely taking over his life. Meanwile, rouge elements inside Wayne Corp. make their move to push Bruce out of power by exposing his dark secret… that he's a terrorist sleeper agent! It's also got my favorite Jim Gordon moment of all time:

    “There are certain things that have always gone unsaid between us. Certain suspicions I've never been able to prove. But we both know you're no traitor. And if it comes to that, I'll speak out. In public. On the stand. Do you get my drift?”

    Best hint that he knows the Batman's secret ever.


  24. Eyes_Only says:

    I would love to point most of the dissenters to a very fun episode of Batman – The brave and the bold.

    I can't help but feel like most of you people are the guy standing up and commenting.

    For how much Bob keeps yammering on about diversity and what not, he's incredibly narrow minded when you actually take the time to read his opinions.


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