This is Your New(er) Captain America

Folks who saw “The Avengers” teaser after the credits of “Captain America” got a very, very brief glimpse at the upgraded-for-the-21st-Century uniform Cap will be wearing in the film. Now, courtesy a shit-ton of “independent press” (read: gawkers with camera-phones) at the on-location shoot of some big“Avengers” action scenes, we’re getting a first clear look at the new oufit; which basically looks like a direct-lift from the comics as rendered in fabric-covered armor. I like how bold the color-palette is – there’s really no way to make a live-action ‘traditional’ Captain America NOT look like the world’s most patriotic Power Ranger, so you might as well embrace it.

Here, via JoBlo, is a clear snap that doesn’t include any of other participants also seen taking part in the shoot whose presence seems to suggest the potential imminent reveal of some other big “Avengers” details. (I advise the spoiler-phobic to NOT go digging around for them just yet.)

9 thoughts on “This is Your New(er) Captain America

  1. Chris says:

    This is gonna come down to how CG the Hulk looks like. Putting Iron Man, Thor, Cap and the Hulk on screen at the same time is going to put the Hulk's believability to the test.


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