6 thoughts on “Big Picture: "Smarter Than The Average Bear"

  1. Rook in the Pumpkin says:

    So after watching this, I immediately checked for Youtube clips of Mr. Bigot. Unfortunately, there didn't appear to be any (unless I missed them), but the search suggestions informed me that I wasn't the only one fascinated with the idea of a racism-inducing raygun.


  2. The Projector says:

    You know, I don't personally plan on seeing the new Yogi Bear movie myself, but I've heard that it's not really that bad. Some of the bigger fans of the show say that it stuck with the classic formula of the original Yogi Bear cartoons, unlike Alvin and the Chipmunks or The Smurfs which make significant changes for marketing purposes. Heck, the Spill Crew had the courage to come out and give the film a Matinee rating.


  3. Atomic Skull says:

    Anyone ever read the realistic and completely dead serious post nuclear apocalypse Yogi's ark short story Ben Edlund did in one issue of The Tick?

    It actually took me 2 pages before I realized what he based it on.


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