Probably Not News: Will The Dark Knight Rise in "No Man’s Land?"

I’ll be damned if I’m the only internet movie-guy NOT getting a traffic boost for reporting non-news about TDKR. Everything after this jump almost-definitely ISN’T a “spoiler,” but proceed with whatever caution you like anyway.

SuperHeroHype has some paperwork suggesting that there will be a big on-location action shoot for the film in Los Angeles that will include “simulated flood sequences” among other mass-destruction, suggesting that the poster/teaser motif of a destroyed city is meant to be taken literally.

To the degree that anything in a Christopher Nolan Batman movie can be said to suggest anything familiar to comic fans, this will certainly remind some people of “No Man’s Land” – an in-continuity miniseries in which an earthquake cut Gotham City off from the mainland U.S. Such a sequence on film would definitely require flooding FX to show how the ocean fills-in the space between the land-masses, so… is this something?

4 thoughts on “Probably Not News: Will The Dark Knight Rise in "No Man’s Land?"

  1. lordy says:

    No Man's Land also had Bane featuring for a significant part of it, from what I remember (Ok, along with most other batman villans), but Bane hasn't featured in many arcs really, apart from that and Knightfall.

    I think he was working for Luthor in that…which would be cool, except we know Nolan's feelings on the extended DC universe, and linking Batman/Superman.


  2. lordy says:

    Unless that could be the end of it? It was Cataclysm that the earthquakes actually happened in, and Batman/Bruce Wayne disappeared for a while afterwards. Could that be the end of Nolan's film, having his disappearance linked with Bane breaking Batman, and then have whoever replaces him link the DC universe together?


  3. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    I'm sorry, but i just can't help imagine an entire movies audience faces if that happened on screen an no one knew about it.

    Just all sitting there, with wide-open mouths and widened eyes, sitting in complete shock and silence, until one single little person whispers. “holy crap.”

    I wouldn't put it beyond Nolan to do a stunt like that, it would definitely be the holy crap moment of the decade and why the movie could potentially get credit as being as good as “The Dark knight.” anyhow..

    But I don't know, everything is uncertain to me.


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