"Rum Diary" trailer

Remember when the phrase “new Johnny Depp movie” made you anticipate something original, entertaining and almost-certainly worth watching instead of the exact opposite of those things? Well, this long-delayed psuedo-sequel to “Fear & Loathing” sure as hell hopes so…

6 thoughts on “"Rum Diary" trailer

  1. Drunken Lemur says:

    That was…really depressing. I mean, I know it's not from Terry Gilliam, but this trailer does not scream surreal sights and memorable lines like I expected. They only thing this seems to have connecting it to Fear and Loathing is Johnny Depp, so they might as well have cast someone else. I mean I know why they cast him, but still. I think I'll go watch Rango again instead.


  2. David says:

    Honestly Bob, this looks like it could have been any other movie…besides something from the works of Hunter S. Thompson. Granted I wasn't nearly the fan most were of Fear and Loathing but I must say this is a raw fit in cinematography and what little acting we saw. I can see this being a poorly cut trailer, conditioned by the studio, to appeal to a vast audience BUT if this is any hint of the photography and tempo within a scene than I'd say the film will pass unnoticed as yet another “movie that had Johnny Depp…..that wasn't directed by Tim Burton…where he didn't play Jack Sparrow.” It's a shame because the type of editing, pace, and cinematography can be very intriguing, particularly within a market saturated with the typical 'cover your over-the-shoulders and two-shot' formulaic shooting structure.


  3. Elessar says:

    I hate to be this guy, but I have to say it about this:

    The Rum Diary is an entirely different animal from Fear and Loathing (ignoring for the moment that the Fear and Loathing movie wasn't that incredible. It was good, sure, but not amazing).

    The thing is, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a real story. Okay, some of the stuff near the middle was sewn together as the actual trips were months apart, but the events in the city? Real things.

    Hunter Thompson was a journalist first and foremost (his first book was a retelling of his time spent with the Hell's Angels in the mid-60's) and while Fear and Loathing was published as a novel, that's mostly because otherwise he'd be tacitly admitting to literally dozens of felonies.

    The Rum Diary, on the other hand, is entirely fictional. Yes, Thompson spent some time in Puerto Rico during the early parts of his career, but the events of the Rum Diary are not real. Hence it's a different story from Fear and Loathing and should be treated as such.

    Besides, one of the failures of the Fear and Loathing movie was it's inability to capture the major point of the book and thus to capture what makes it important.


  4. SonofRyan says:

    Elessar, no offense, but please don't pretend that Hunter S. Thompson had a point to his work. He was not deep, he was not philosophical, he was an amusing madman, which Depp and Gilliam captured perfectly. Fear and Loathing was the drunken ramblings of a literary shock jock, amusing, but it didn't have some deep overarching point. Finally, this trailer seems interesting, but I'm not entirely convinced as it lacks the whimsy of Gilliam's film making that really made the other movie shine, and this other guy isn't as good as Del Toro, at least from the trailer.


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