Best Look Yet At The New "Superman"

“The Man of Steel” is shooting in Plainsville, Illinois in full view of passers-by and their cameraphones, so by now everyone has seen every inch of the (practical, un-color-corrected, un-camera-filtered) new Superman outfit. The shot at the right was tweeted minutes ago by, of all people, MST3K/RiffTrax’s Michael J. Nelson; and is the best look yet I’ve seen at what the whole thing basically looks like – as lots of the “action” shots are being done without the cape (presumably to be CGI’d in later.) The only thing you can’t see is the “boots” (which are red and go all the way up to just below the knees) and that the flexi-armor plating on the sides of his torso go all the way around and up the back (I’m not sure how much we’re supposed to see of them, as they’re covered by the cape.)

I’m on record as being a fan of losing the red trunks, but I don’t know that I love the weirdo “suggested belt” thingee (the two wrapparound lines “pointing at” but not attached-to the “buckle” are red.) I do like how not-armored the majority of it looks, and the various spy pix and videos show that he actually has a full range of normal movement. I’d like to see this sort of “template” applied to Batman at some point.

I really am getting the feeling that this is actually going to work. If so, which gods do I need to offer sacrifice to to get Snyder attached to “Wonder Woman?” Preferably without the Nolan Brothers, mostly because I don’t need an entire movie about how hard it is for Steve Trevor to get his work done with all these crazy mischief-making girls running around.

27 thoughts on “Best Look Yet At The New "Superman"

  1. Sylocat says:

    Wasn't Joss Whedon set to make a Wonder Woman movie with Morena Baccarin, but they scrapped it after “Catwoman” bombed, because that allegedly “proved” that female superheroes don't sell tickets?


  2. Elessar says:

    You know Bob, after having my heart ripped out and stomped on by Watchmen (and no it wasn't due to Doc Manhattan's penis, or the lack of giant alien, it's more complex) and wondering what you were smoking to find Sucker Punch anything other than garbage, I started to wonder if you might be biased in favor Zack Snyder. But then I thought, why Elessar stop being such a jerk, maybe he just likes the fellow.

    After this one though, it's starting to get unavoidable. Ugh, everything about that just looks terrible, from the rubberiness of the costume, to the way the symbol looks weird, to the crotch being overexposed to the wtf overdesigning details (I mean, those thing on his wrist, and that thing where his belt is supposed to be, what the hell is going on here). I don't know WHAT the hell is going on here.

    And regardless of Mr. Snyder's strengths, given his attitude towards women (looking at you Sucker Punch) I'd have to do counter-sacrifices to stop it from happening. Unless we want to see Wonder Woman: Other M.


  3. Ghostzins says:

    Noticeable bulge in his crotch aside, I still don't know how to feel about the loss of his red jockeys of justice. It's like if Mario shaved off his mustache or traded in his overalls for a pair of regular blue jeans, you could do it but it'd still look weird. Well maybe I just need time for it to sink in.


  4. Mister Linton says:

    This looks cool, it will no doubt look much cooler in the film. I DON'T want this design philosophy applied to Batman. Superman is invincible and does not need armor, Batman isn't invincible and should be armored. I don't know what you find confusing about that Bob.

    Oh, and being subjectively biased in favor of a director who's movies you enjoy? Heresy!


  5. motyr says:

    @Mister Linton

    I share the same opinion as Bob that a similar design “template” should be applied to Batman. The way I see it, Batman is practically a “super-human” on his own, and the stories, setting, and villains are unrealistic enough that my suspension of disbelief would not be affected if, for some reason, his suit actually allowed him to move. (It's a guy dressed up as a bat, for Pete's sake, how “realistic” could you possibly make that scenario?)


  6. patrick.b.healy says:

    His face looks much better here, more Superman-like than he did in that pic with the safe.

    I don't like any of this weird shit happening on his hips. The bracelets don't bother me so much. I just really want more saturated color on everything.

    Snyder proved he could do bright and colorful but taken seriously with his owl movie. He must do it here, or it will fall apart.


  7. biomechanical923 says:

    @ Mister Linton
    I'm not saying Batman should get a rubbery body suit that looks like this, but it wouldn't ruin my view of him if it did happen. Especially after the Nolan films and the newer Batman media, they seem to be explaining away Batman's paper-thin armor with science-y sounding stuff like “woven polymer fibers, space-age alloys, and ceramic compounds”


    I respectfully disagree. There is nothing superhuman about Batman, other than perhaps having Adrian Veidt-level intelligence, as the comics always hinted at him being a brilliant inventor, master or improvising in tough situations, and literally described as “the world's greatest detective”.
    That being said, it's my theory is that Batman is an insane vigilante, so there's really nothing un-realistic about him running around dressed as a bat and beating the crap out of people, because he's just as insane as the villains he hunts, and he spends a ton of time trying to justify and excuse that.


  8. motyr says:


    By “super-human” I meant more or less what you elaborated – he's incredibly intelligent, is a master at inductive reasoning, and is also very strong, quick, and agile. He may not possess superpowers, but those attributes alone propel him into the category of “super-human” to me.

    Also, yes, there's always been the theme of Batman being no more sane than his most crazed foes. I suppose my point wasn't that the entire premise was completely improbable, but instead that the application of a “reason” or “justification” for his being able to fight crime with safety in mind seems silly and superfluous to me. I should have made that more clear.

    I kinda wish Snyder could get his hands in the next Batman project post-Nolan.


  9. motyr says:

    To comment on the photo at hand, though…I more-or-less like everything except for a few gripes – the red in the “shield” isn't the same as the red in the cape (i know, i know, i have to keep post-production colour correction in mind), and the swoopy design on the wrists doesn't work for me. I'm not sure how the costume would look without that addition, though, so, for all I know, the costume would look worse without it.


  10. Lee Kalba says:

    Over-designed, over-textured, and the red briefs helped break up the form, there's a reason they were there since the 30's. It's why I don't like the 90's Catwoman purple leotard, you just need something to break up the middle section. The modern design uses a belt with burglary gear and the whip and it works fine, the Tim Burton one had the stitching, but a plain jumpsuit just doesn't look right. They tried to fix it by adding in this faux belt stuff, but it just looks out of place. The Superman costume always worked because it simple, clean, and instantly recognizable.


  11. Guillermo says:

    Ok.. guys.. I don't want to kill the illusion.. but in my humble opinion that cape is fake.. is ether photoshop or some pre visualization cg you can tell from the bottom.. that looks like a photoshop drop shadow.. I don't want to sound like a troll but is true.. and that might rase the question of you know maybe we're overacting .. hope moviebob sees this and let's everyone knows.. peace out 😉


  12. Sam Robards, Occasional Gamer says:

    Not really digging this. It's way too dark and over-designed.

    Not that I'll see this anyway: I find Superman fairly boring. I also am not a fan of Snyder, and the casting for this seems like they were just trying to get every “name” they could think of and slap 'em in a Superman movie to try and bring the crowds back in.


  13. Popcorn Dave says:

    This is pretty sad, Bob. Any fool can see this is far uglier than the Spider-Man costume, and ticks ALL of your usual boxes for how movie studios ruin classic superhero costumes. Playing down the primary colours? Check. Removing “silly” classic elements like the briefs and Catwoman's ears? Check. Swapping spandex for some textured wetsuit/armour thing? Check. Adding unnecessary shiny bits like wristbands? Yep. And the best you can come up with the Spider-Man costume is “derrr metal boots”? By continuing to post biased shit like this you're just showing yourself up as the ridiculous fanboy you are.


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