I know that, as of this writing, you still cannot see the 25 screwattack-exclusive episodes of “The Game OverThinker” on ScrewAttack’s new site. I am sorry about that, it’s being worked on and will hopefully be fixed by early next week. For now… GOOD NEWS! Episode 57, the much-demanded “Supreme Court” episode, will (if all goes correctly) premiere on Wednesday, September 14th. So keep an eye out for it.

Here’s an announcement trailer…

ALSO! If you haven’t yet taken a look at ScrewAttack’s new site, you should – it’s quite excellent. They’re also offering something called an “Advantage” subcription, whereby users can sign up to not only get an ad-free version of the site but ALSO see new episodes of shows they’ve selected as well-liked faves. So, if there are any Advantage members (or prospective members) who’re also OverThinker fans… it’s REALLY good for BOTH of us (yes, this is NAKED self-promotion) if you make this show one of your “likes.”

9 thoughts on “NEW Game OverThinker Coming WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH!

  1. Shannon says:


    Not necessarily, I suppose. Though I've yet to hear of anyone giving a sound, logical reason for being against it. Most arguments just boil down to, “Well, I just don't like it! Wah-wah!” and that's just not a good enough reason to me.

    And as for Orson Scott Card, someone who tries to spread around utterly psychotic nonsense, such as that gay people are only that way as the result of abuse and therefore all gay people are (potential) pedophiles? Sorry, but there's no justification for that at all and that is textbook homophobia.


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