"Assault Girls" Trailer

About to Netflix this – wonder how it is?

Y’know, it only just now occurs to me: American trailers generally go “up-tempo-pop-music, dialogue-montage-establish-basic-plot-conflict, swelling-dramatic-action-music;” and Japanese trailers do the exact reverse…

9 thoughts on “"Assault Girls" Trailer

  1. nadesico33 says:

    Its… okay. The CG is good for a Japanese live-action film. Oshii tries to add his trademark pretentiousness to something that really doesn't need it, especially during that first 10 minutes of exposition where he sets up everything. The Japanese actors do stilted English, but isn't at least semi-humorous like Sukiyaki was, since everything is played 100% straight. Everything else is actually somewhat boring, it moves too fast while at the same time being dull enough to not keep my attention for most of it. :/


  2. Elessar says:

    I don't get Japan anymore. I used to, hell I used to be quite in tune with Japan. What happened? It's not me, I still get weird things. I get Emilie Autumn. I get Neil Gaiman. Hell I get David Lynch. What is it about Japan?

    Whatever, could be dumb fun. It looks a little like a cross between Sucker Punch (bleh) and Final Fantasy (not bleh). I'll give it a glance sometime.


  3. Tim says:

    Looks like crap so no thank you. If I want a Japanese action film, I'll go watch Thirteen Assassins again.

    Speaking of which, whoever didn't see that in theaters; LOSER!


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