Avengers: Earth’s Mugging-est Heroes

Anachronistic puff-piece factory Entertainment Weekly has a bunch of set photos from “The Avengers” this issue, which is reason enough to make it a “cover story” in order to snare wayward fans digging from scraps of information.

Less excusable? The absolutely horrible cover, clearly fitted-together from unrelated images (everyone’s eyeline is off) and demonstrative of Marvel not having a finished look at The Hulk ready for distribution yet – otherwise why would they have used that ghastly shot of Mark Ruffalo giving a duckface?

13 thoughts on “Avengers: Earth’s Mugging-est Heroes

  1. Chris says:

    I guess the woman in the middle with the guns is the most important character in the new Avengers movie. Heaven forbid you put a more relevant and known character like Nick Fury there.


  2. Kyle says:

    Nicole Kidman looks terrible, but that's a decent shot of Fabio.

    Also, I am surprised to see Hawkeye played by the T-1000. They should have let him finish re-forming the left side of his face before they took the picture.


  3. holyjunkie says:

    Iron man's got the perfect “I do believe I'm watching two lesbians making out with Black Widow” face right there.

    Scarlett Johannson looks so detached from the two guns she's apparently holding, like they photoshopped the guns in after a lazy mug shot- which ALSO looks photoshopped from Iron Man 2.

    I like how Thor actually displays disinterest, as opposed to everyone's faked interest.

    Other captions that come to mind are “I hope these douchebags pay me for this gig.”


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