Stooges Revealed

It’s worrisome that they look like dead-ringers for the real thing; because it suggests they went for “looks like” over “can do the bits.”

11 thoughts on “Stooges Revealed

  1. Michael says:

    I find it a bit hypocritical that any comic-book movie getting the “look right” is a good sign. Yet when a project that you are not excited about like this one gets the “look right” it is a bad sign.


  2. Pat says:

    @Michael When it comes to comedy, casting is 75% of the battle. A bad script can become a really funny movie with the right cast. It just seems unlikely that the people who cast this movie would have found the funniest slapstick actors available that also coincidentally look a lot like the original characters. Since it seems to boil down to that guy from MADtv, some more or less unknown actor, and that guy from “Will and Grace”, I kind of have to agree with Bob's instinct on this.


  3. Chris says:

    Actually, he said it was worrisome. Second, in a comic book movie, the look is probably more important since we everybody has a history of images to compare the live action movie to.

    But, in a movie about the Three Stooges, it's the comedy that people remember. The look comes in third to the writing and voices. People would forgive the actors if they don't look exactly like Moe, Curly or Larry. But if the comedy is off, that kills the whole thing.

    As opposed to a comic book movie. Say, for instance they had a 5'8″ short, blonde haired Superman. It wouldn't matter if it was the most amazing Superman story ever put on film, the conflicting mental images wouldn't work. That's not to say the story isn't important.


  4. Max Wilson says:

    Even though the biopic on the stooges is inaccurate at some points, I still feel it's as close as we can get to a legit Stooges movie, not starring the stooges of course. Michael Chiklis as Curly is not something you'd expect to be right, but the guy knocked it out of the park and if any of you haven't seen it yet, it's amazing.

    The thing about the stooges, I feel, with exceptions, just like the Looney Tunes, is that they were timeless, and show them to someone who saw them back in the day and some kid numb to humor from a bombardment of shitty saturday morning cartoons, they will laugh their asses off.

    The more and more I hear from this new stooges movie, the more pissed I get. It seems like the Farrelly Bros, who haven't made anything I've seen that I really liked in a long ass time, are taking it in the wrongest of wrong directions. Putting the stooges in a fucking reality show? Are you kidding me? It might not be as blatant as the Loonatics, but I'm getting the same vibes of not understanding and apathy towards the original material, and if that's what's going to be passed on to future generations and not just the original material, then that's a goddamn shame.

    That all being said, I love Will Sasso and it's nice to see he's getting work, I guess.


  5. Mads says:

    Well, Bob just trolled me into wiki'ing each actor.

    The thing is, how far do you diverge in looks? Clearly, Curly must be fat, and played by a comedian used to do body comedy…but what about ethnicity? could they have portrayed the characters using a hispanic, a black person, and an asian?

    And you couldn't very well change the gender of one of the characters, without considerably weirding people out?

    I think deciding that they must all be caucasian, that curly must be fat, and the two others must be thin is all the requirements they set up beforehand. Each actor has done impersonations in other films, and Hayes and Sasso have a good pedigree of portraying silly characters….which could mean they actually hit it off during casting.

    Moe and Sasso don't look particularly like their stooges counterpart without the makeup and dressup and hair, and Moe is probably the character that'll take the least talent to realize.

    So yeah. I'm completely with Michael on this one. I think they could easily find the correct comedians within the race and bodyshapes they chose (2 thin and white, one fat and white), and I think almost nomatter who they chose, they could've made the poster work this well with the other guys.

    That doesn't mean the movie won't suck, of course.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Curly looks pretty close. Larry kinda creeps me out, it the eyes for some reason. And Moe looks so spot on I'm not entirely convinced someone didn't invent time travel, go back to 1935 and bring the real Moe Howard back with him.


  7. Taylor says:

    Honestly I don't see what the point of rebooting the stooges is. There really isn't much to the Stooges as a concept: “Three guys have slapstick antics.” That's it. That's the whole concept.

    The strength of it wasn't the concept or the characters, it was the actors. If this is funny, it's not really going to have anything to do with it being a Stooge's reboot.


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