"Wrath of The Titans" Will Probably Sucker You In, Again

I didn’t dislike “Clash of The Titans,” but I also don’t remember hardly any of it. In any case, even though no one seems to have really “loved” it it managed to make a MASSIVE international profit theatrically; so Warner Bros. made another one.

The trailer is selling “monsters, monsters and more monsters;” and I wish I wasn’t such an easy lay for this stuff: Show me a Cyclops (and guy made of lava, and what I think is a gryphon) and I’ve pretty-much bought a ticket. Oh well…

14 thoughts on “"Wrath of The Titans" Will Probably Sucker You In, Again

  1. Joshua the Anarchist says:

    I don't remember a lot about Clash either, I just mainly remember HATING it. The plot was all over the place, they dashed from one action scene to the next with no breathing room to that point that it all blurred together in one big mass of dull, and they copped out on the only mildly interesting theme they had going (“militant atheism” is how you put it, I believe).

    I was never a fan of the original Clash (Golden Voyage of Sinbad is by far my most beloved Harryhausen flick), but at least it was competently scripted if a bit slow. And after Immortals, I honestly don't see how this isn't going to pale in comparison, even if it is better than the first.


  2. Brendan Falconer says:

    Oh yay, a “desperate for attention” sequel to the most dull and tiresome CG monster movie of the decade…

    …And the Marylin Manson cover of Sweet Dreams… Did they just randomly assign the first track they had lying around or something??


  3. Christopher Delvo says:

    Hmmm…yeah. That's definitely a chimera, not a griffon.

    And yeah, while I wholeheartedly “meh'd” the first one, this one is definitely reeling me in with the fuck-tons of monsters it appears to be throwing at us. Still don't like Hades as the bad guy (it's getting tired, grecian-themed movies), but I'll probably see it for the sake of destruction-porn featuring monsters and Liam Neeson.


  4. TheDVDGrouch says:

    There's a great clip out there of someone asking Harry Hausen about film remakes in general. And when the guy brought up Clash Mr.Hausen laughed and said “Why would anyone want to remake Clash Of The Titian's”


  5. Joe says:

    I don't know if I was in a bad mood when I went to see the previous film, but I absolutely hated it. It wasn't that I held the original in high esteem or anything, but the way I perceived the remake to be shitting all over it.

    It's like two 14-year-olds rewrote the original, but wanted to make things “grim and gritty” and get rid of anything “gay”. Perseus can't be motivated by love or doing the right thing, so we get yet another “angry young man” protagonist. Togas are “gay”, so Perseus & co. get Dark Ages-era leather armour. Bubo the owl gets unceremoniously dumped. Perseus is too badass to ride a white Pegasus, he needs a black one. Let's make Hades the villain again, and he looks like an aged death metaller to boot. And the film didn't do anything remotely interesting or original, nor was the action any good. No interest in the sequel here.


  6. kevmon1116 says:

    Damn it legendary! Why weren't you doing this in the last movie?! I couldn't even make out 90 percent of the Kraken!

    I actually work for UPS, and saw the posters being mailed to Texas.

    Know what else I saw…


    I Shit you not people! I saw a fucking package with the same logo as the book with “Theatrical” on it. Holy Shit!


  7. jojjo says:

    I sorta liked the first one: dumb action for sure, but at least not insultingly dumb and somewhat inspired. This one seems pretty interesting too. That said, and to join the tiny little bandwagon here: why must they always use Hades as a villain, Greek mythology is not Christian mythology dammit.


  8. David (The Pants) says:

    Yeah, this looks better than the first one, based on the trailer alone. Maybe they'll shoot this one FOR 3D instead of what they did before. WHo knows.


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