Here’s That Batman Trailer

Somehow or another I forgot to post this in the wake of every other website on Earth posting it. Here we go.

31 thoughts on “Here’s That Batman Trailer

  1. Anonymous says:

    You never gave bane a shot… Not that majority vs minority opinions really mean anything but you are one of the only people I have heard from that think bane looks horrible. Catwoman said nothing that requires any intelligence at all… She was stating something that in this world of gotham is probably an economic fact things suck, and maybe she has heard about bane… how does that make her some huge intilectual? It doesnt.

    Bob, I understand you have extremely strong prejudices and it is part of your charm. However, it also means that you seem to have decided your opinion on each and every thing you review before it has even begun to be made. Long ago you decided this batman movie would not stand up to The Dark Knight. You hated bane in the comics, so you hate him here. For once just let your damn preconceptions go and dont let yourself ruin this banner moment in comic movie history for you. We get it you have been blind to the countless things that look horrible about the new avengers movie (the costumes and makeup are cringe worthy and the plot looks about as convoluted and forced as iron man 2's). That is fine but dont ruin batman for yourself just because you are pissed that it prevented a justice league movie.

    Though i do agree with you that the football scene was very un Nolan like and a bit off… hopefully its just that scene.


  2. Steve says:

    Go read Secret Six

    Then come tell me Bane is a lousy character. He was initially a product of the 90's yes, but he's gotten past that.

    And going on his appearance alone, if I had no idea that he was based off a character, I'd see no reason as to why you think he's bad looking. Seriously, what makes him bad? He's a guy in a winter coat, what looks to be a bulletproof vest of a sort, and a mask. Simple, yes, but again, how is it objectively bad? Bob, you keep shitting on this movie, but you never, ever give reasons as to why you think certain things are bad. Sticking with his luchidore costume would be ridiculous considering the aspect of him being a luchidore has rarely ever had an effect on his entire life.

    Why should I even care about your review when you have such an obvious bias coming in towards the film? I know I can't expect to NOT have a bias of my own when coming in, but I think it's safe to say that I'd rather read/watch a review of someone who's A) Not a comic fan, and B) not throwing around opinions without any objective reasoning towards said opinions.

    And REALLY? “It looks like it belongs in a Michael Bay movie”. Bob, this is something I expect from a low-grade G4 host. When did explosions amount to “it looks like a Michael Bay movie”?


  3. Goku50k says:

    Personally I think this looks better than The Dark Knight, it just looks a lot sinister than the Dark Knight ever was. Sure ledger was good but I think Hardy will be even better. I think the plot looks more intriguing and I also think that if the ending goes as I hope it does, which is Batman actually being killed off and becoming an actual legend then that really would top The Dark Knight. I dont see a problem with that trailer, the music is good, Bane looks awesome, Anne Hatheway looks good and the action looks amazing. Plus I like the new “Batwing” thing.
    Also I like the football scene, it looks very “Nolan like” whatever that even means. Plus i'm guessing if he's using the way I think, it would mean that Bane is attacking the very heart of America and in many ways that is Football.


  4. Aiddon says:

    Bob, just stop it. Your complaints have gone from annoying me to just plain BORING me.

    And seriously, the Avengers looks decent at best. Put another slice of mediocrity up for that overrated wino Whedon


  5. munchie64 says:

    In my opinion the football scene is no worse then the microwave emitter from Begins. I think the plane looks OK. I still, like with the batmobile prefer the classic version probably because I grew up fascinated by it.

    I don't really see how Catwoman standing up for what's probably a big character trait for the film makes her all philosophical. Her views will probably change once she finds out who Batman is.

    Wile I can understand people not liking Bane's appearance (I do and think it fits well within the universe), I don't get any voice complaints. I just find that voice so damn sinister and laid back. You can tell Bane is so confident in himself, and that will probably be his undoing.

    2012 is gonna be an awesome movie year.


  6. David (The Pants) says:

    This was NOT the trailer I saw when I saw Sherlock Holmes (yes I liked it.) I got the one which was mostly Gordon. That said, this looks much more amazing than the one I saw first. The football field…is that in Gotham???? I never knew Gotham got that much sunlight.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Guys don't bother defending the film…all it get's you is the “You're just a Nolan fanboy who will love everything he does no matter what!?” line. The last resort of someone with no arguments left or no willingness to debate.

    Look I disagree with…well EVERYTHING Bob has said about the film so far, including how The Avengers (which looks pretty but that's about it) but trying to make him see things from our point of view only give more power to the people who dismiss the supporters as “fanboys.”

    Bane looks…ok. Nothing really standout about his look at all. He looks just like one of his thugs. Plain, aside from the Mask…which I don't think is any more or less silly than luchidore costume. Seriously, there's a GOOD silly and a BAD silly? Gee…that's a whole other debate.

    Catwoman really isn't saying anything more intellectual than the OWS protestors are.

    I dunno…any rational person knows Bob could have to eat crow come July OR all the defenders could end up bitterly disappointed but as it stands I see nothing radically different from what Nolan's done with ANY of his films so my support comes from that…not raving, undying, unquestionable love for Nolan.


  8. Daniel R says:


    Yeah me too, apparently we're missing a few paragraphs in the post. Cause I don't see anything else other than the trailer.

    To be perfectly honest; My excitement for the next Batman film is lukewarm. Not because I foresee it being bad by any stretch but because frankly I think it could go either way. Just because Dark Knight was spectacular (I just rewatched it yesterday and found myself sucked in once again) does not mean that Rising will be equally good, by the same token it does not mean that Rising will be a disappointment.

    There are some things that infuriate me about Rising; Bane's voice and mask really need a rework, the batsuit is still an over-designed mess, The overall design of the “Batwing”.

    and, there are things that I'm looking forward to; Anne Hathaway really suits the part of Catwoman, the fact that the trailer seems to promise better and bigger action sequences which I believe has been the weakest part of the trilogy, The mere appearance of the “Batwing”.

    Also; is it just me or is Bane using what basically amounts to an Earthquake machine?


  9. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with people here.. i know youve been playing the anti-hype counter measure for the rest of the internet on this one bob for a while.. but i was kinda looking forward to your insight.

    but hey.. much love an thanks for being a boss at everything else.


  10. Goku50k says:

    @Daniel R

    Though I do think you are right on some things about this film, I have to respectfully disagree with you about Bane, I do like Bane's look, it very much fits into Nolan's world. And I still dont see the problem with Bane's voice. Also I do think the Batwing thing looks cool.


  11. munchie64 says:

    @Daniel R

    Feel free to complain, it's all opinion and you're entitled to it. Hell I even agree with you about the Batwing.
    But for the love of god get the name of the film you're criticizing right.


  12. Daniel R says:


    Very well, to each their own. 🙂

    I agree that Bane's look fits into the Nolan design of Batman but I really don't like the 'spiky' look of the mask. I believe I once heard it described as “Sub-Zero's giant burly cousin”
    I just realized most of my problems with Nolan's films are mostly related to the overall aesthetics of his productions.

    Also, me being a Latino I'm inclined to point out;
    Its a tad disappointing that Bane, a character usually shown as Latino is being portrayed by a British actor. It's especially disappointing that turning Heimdall black caused a huge uproar but I haven't heard a peep from the comic or film community about this decision.
    Not saying Tom Hardy is a bad choice or that his performance is in any way in question, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy.


  13. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    I read in an interview with Nolan that Nolan specifically chose Bane because he wanted a villain as different from the Joker as possible.

    Which actually is a good call in my head! had he gone with the Riddler or something like that, the comparisons people would make would be off the scale and certainly distract from the movie.

    And well, the way Nolan described it, he wanted to make the intelligent assassin version of Bane, not the dump brute. Which if done right, can be very interesting. And well, people. Both the dumb brute and the intelligent working alone assassin are equally true to the original comic books. It all depend on what comic books you are looking at. And well, it all comes down to how he stands in this movie really. Well, I thought this trailer looked bloody cool and.. dreading. Catwoman is sexier than I thought she would be, I just hope she will have an actually interesting character instead of just being. “The woman.” the only recurring flaw in Nolan movies, he's not that good at female characters instead he just have. “The woman.” present some-where in the foreground, usually being a bit annoying floating around there in front of us.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I fuckin' knew you would say nothing but negative shit about this trailer. When I saw it I got so many chills and could not stop thinking about it the rest of the day. I spent the whole day at work thinking about it. Then I thought, “Movie bob is going to find some stupid half-ass reason(s) to dislike it”. Annnnd I was right. Stop being pretentious, stop sucking The Avengers dick, and just enjoy the trailer.


  15. Josh says:

    Remember how in The Dark Knight, the Joker rarely attempts to deal with Batman in a direct physical confrontation? He uses assault rifles and rocket launchers, goons and attack dogs, head games and innocent people. He never really seems interested in outright killing Batman, opting instead to try and dismantle the man's faith and motivations. Physicality was about the last thing on anybody's mind other than the notion that Batman would paste the Joker about seven different ways if it weren't for his one rule.

    Bane, on the other hand, is an extremely physical character. Rather than being divorced from his mind and his will, his body is an extension of it. He's entirely single-minded and very driven, much like Batman. The substances pumped into him, via head-tubes in the comics and his mask in this upcoming film, allow his body to match the speed and power of his mind. Batman will always be limited by what his body can do and how much punishment it can take. Bane exceeds those limits, and he can and will push Batman past them.

    Enter Christopher Nolan. What do you do after you pit Batman against an entirely cerebral opponent? You up the stakes, of course, by making his next foe not only cunning and ruthless but also a powerhouse. You don't want to tip your hand too soon, though. You have to maintain the mystery. You can't let the ending of your saga be a foregone conclusion. Maybe Bane will kill Batman. Maybe he's not the same Bane from the comics for a very specific reason, one that ties into your first Batman film and one of the aspects of a fascinating character born out of the animated series. How do you keep people from taking too many guesses?

    Remember, theatricality and deception can be powerful tools.

    In addition to encouraging audience members to keep up with you rather than simply pandering to them, conveying Bane's voice in a realistically muffled way adds a layer of obfuscation to Nolan's work. It not only makes the character more mysterious and menacing, it gives the public at large and the cynical critics of the Internet in particular something to consider, gripe about and worry over. It distracts them from bigger questions. It waters their enthusiasm. It keeps them off-balance.

    I'm not saying Nolan specifically made this choice on purpose to mess with people on the Internet, but at this point, I can't put it past him. He's enjoyed so much success so far and done it in such a cerebral way that people can't help themselves. They'll go to great lengths to seek out, analyze and ultimately downplay even the tiniest aspects of his work. Nobody can be this brilliant, you see. Nobody can outsmart the Internet. Nobody's allowed to be this successful without creating a bomb. Remember that bit in the original Spider-Man where Osborn tells Peter that people love seeing a hero fall almost as much as they like seeing them succeed? Nolan's a hero to many. To set him up for a fall this way can be cathartic. It would mean that everybody is fallible, and if he falls, other film-makers can rise to take his place, even from the relative obscurity of the Internet.

    I say let Bane be a bit muffled, a little hard to understand. Make the audience work to fully understand every aspect of the work in front of them. It made Memento and Inception such brilliant works, after all, why not apply the same mentality to a comic book movie? Likewise, if you know the Internet's going to be going through your work, even a two-minute trailer, with a fine-toothed comb looking for nits to pick, why not give them a cause for concern? Let them blow up over something relatively insignificant rather than ruminate on plot and motivational points. Because, let's face it, even if Bane ends up losing a word or two to idiots in the cinemas who are too busy stuffing their faces with overpriced popcorn to pay attention, when they inevitably buy the Blu-ray combo pack they'll just turn the subtitles on. Problem solved.


  16. A. Ivan says:

    Huh. I expected to be pretty underwhelmed by this, but it looks awesome. They seem to be going a different route to The Dark Knight rather than playing it safe which is fine by me, what was lost between TDK and the far superior Batman Begins will probably bother me a lot less if EVERY film in the trilogy has a different look and feel.

    It's hilarious how little fanboys will construe as an attack on their precious movie. I wonder how these people deal with disagreements about things that actually matter.


  17. Sam Robards, Occasional Gamer says:

    I'm kinda with you on this, Bob. I'm just not sold on this just yet. Don't get me wrong, I WANT it to be awesome and I'll definitely go see it, but I do have qualms with it thus far.

    I still think Anne Hathaway was a HUGE miscast. I don't know who I would have cast instead, but it wouldn't have been her.

    The economic perspective, which some people have started complaining about, doesn't bother me because, in Batman Begins, Ra's and the LoS tried to use economic turmoil to destroy Gotham. And since this movie (supposedly) is tied very closely to Begins, I can see that thread carrying over.

    The muted color palette and “real-world” costumes are nothing new, but that doesn't mean they're particularly good.

    Concerning the Bane voice, there are a large number of people (I'm not one of them) that can't clearly understand what Bane is saying, and that's pretty much unacceptable.

    There's two reasons why you'd keep Bane's mask-y voice: an obsession with “realism” or a desire to mislead/fool the audience.

    The first reason is idiotic, plain and simple. People shouldn't strain to hear and understand every line of your villain's dialogue for the sake of “realism.” He's a bodybuilder with a weird breathing apparatus and an earthquake machine whose fighting hand-to-hand against a guy in a bat costume: realism got thrown out the window a while ago.

    Since I highly doubt Nolan wants the audience to misconstrue/fail to understand EVERYTHING Bane says, I think he's pressing this on the “realism” angle.

    I'm not saying to get rid of the mask effect entirely: just edit some of the extraneous noise out so people can understand it without asking, “What'd he say?”

    Speaking of Bane, he's pretty much my complaint with the entire film: outside of Secret Six, Bane sucks. And since a comic film is only as good as its villain, you can understand my trepidation here.

    Once again, I want this movie to rock, but I'm just not feeling it yet.

    And for people comparing it to The Avengers, they're not going to be competing for box office dollars due to their staggered release dates, so give it a rest. Besides, can't we just accept that two potentially awesome comic movies will come out next summer?

    Oh, and Spider-Man doesn't count because it, you know, looks AWFUL.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Spider Man does look awful… but so does the avengers. Look at those costumes and the makeup. Thor's costume has lost all practicality with the armor it has become over designed and the way the armour doesn't actually cover his torso… absurd. Captain America now looks like he is wearing an 8 year old's foam Halloween costume after the amazing wwII outfit he had. Iron Man's suit has been over designed since the second movie but now just looks absurd. How much further can the chest jut out? I haven't seen enough of hulk to make an opinion about him. As for the makeup… they went way too far with Thor's hair and the eye liner on him is extreme. When the costume and makeup were such strong suits for the marvel movies up to this point, this is a huge letdown. Also the banter from the trailer is eye roll worthy and I continue to find it hard to believe that a film with that many main characters, several of them having yet to be introduced, can be anything but overstuffed… and we all saw what that did to Iron Man 2. I think people are complaining about The Avengers here not because they think it need be compared to batman but because Bob insists on comparing marvel movies with DC and refuses to critique the film as he has with Batman.


  19. milanjeftic1992 says:

    Holy Fucking SHIT! BATMAN'S GOT A HUGE BLACK THING-A-MAJIG!!!!EPIC!!!!THIS MOVIE'S GONNA KICK ASSS!!! Oh The Avengers looks EPIC also:} Oh and Bob, remember when everyone was saying the Joker looked like a transvestite?


  20. Nathan says:

    Without trying to insult everyone, I kinda feel like some of Bob's detractors act like a bunch of kids. “You don't agree with my opinion? Why? It's clearly the right opinion because it's mine” People are allowed to form their own opinions. If you don't like it or don't agree with it, don't listen to it.

    Well, unless there's something in your head that tells you the opposite opinion may in fact be true and you're lying to yourself…

    For instance, I'm waiting on the Avengers. I'm going to see TDR. It looks good. I have no big problems on the production team's interpretation of “fetish wear with cat ears” or “lucha libre attire”. The story looks interesting. I know the guy at the helm is a good director and between him and the lead actor I don't think there's much of a chance that they'll screw it up.

    The same opinion applies to Avengers. Wheadon has made solid gold anytime he's touched the director's chair. The actors playing the various characters could be the best choice to play those characters. I doubt that Marvel, producing this in house, will let it get as screwed up as people fear it could be. My only point of concern is that, for me, Mark Ruffalo is untested as Bruce Banner.

    Either way, nothing that Bob says is going to cause me to not see these movies. A more relevant example is Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I want to see this movie. I've been wanting to see it since it was announced. I read Bob's review on it and he wasn't a fan. But, I'm still going to see it. Because Bob and I have different tastes and I may like it.


  21. Sanunes says:

    I doubt I am going to see the movie in theaters, its mostly because of the marketing strategy for me. I don't want to start wondering after the first half of the movie starting to and figure out what is going to “end the Nolan franchise” instead of paying attention to what is being shown on the screen for that is the reason why I was going.

    To me it would be like going to see The Empire Strikes Back with the tagline “Who is Luke's father?”


  22. Isator Levi says:

    Is there something I'm missing? As in, something that literally is not uploading to my screen? All I can see is this:

    “Somehow or another I forgot to post this in the wake of every other website on Earth posting it. Here we go.”

    So if that's all that's there, and unless there's some kind of subtext I'm missing, this doesn't seem to be any kind of criticism of the film or trailer at all. It's just stating that the trailer is present. If there's any kind of judgement of it, it looks to be forthcoming.

    So, why is the first comment basically “hey, why you no like it”?


  23. Anonymous says:

    “I'll have more in-depth things to say in the near future, but for now Four things stand out: The football thing is cool, but looks like it belongs in a Michael Bay movie. I like the plane. Catwoman: Professor of Socio-Economic Philosophy isn't working for me. Bane… remains a complete, baffling mystery. Why go with such a lousy character, AND give him such a silly (in a bad way) look, and now that ridiculous voice?” -subtext of Bob's blog post.

    For the last commenter and those that for some reason cant see the subtext.


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