Big Picture: "I Don’t Know"

What some people don’t know can fill a warehouse. What MovieBob doesn’t know can fill about five minutes.

EDIT: I would be remiss not to re-mention that this week’s show comes with a shout-out to Linkara and his impressively-mounted “History of Power Rangers” project.

14 thoughts on “Big Picture: "I Don’t Know"

  1. KevinCV says:

    Shame about the “Doctor Who” one, Bob ol buddy. No worries, though. I've been posting random “Who”-related stuff on my blog lately when I feel like writing something ambitiously geeky.

    Right now, I've got an entry planned for this trilogy of audio dramas that were released last year which had the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) taking “Frankenstein” author Mary Shelley up as a travelling companion and showing her the wonders of time and space. They're really good, too. I hope Big Finish will make more with this pairing because it such a brilliant idea that makes a lot of sense, when you think about it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Link3680 says:

    When I started watching the video, I figured you were gonna say manga since you haven't spoken of it before despite the fact that it's a fairly geeky thing. Now, just wondering if you would like any recommendations? I know that you have limited free time and you'll never talk about it, but a lot of the stuff is still pretty damn cool. I recommend going to TVTropes and searching “Essential Anime.” This'll give you a list of the anime/manga that created genres and influenced later manga, so it'll be a good starter.


  3. Peema says:

    …and further to Doctor Who, Sherlock.
    Particularly as he's made reference to it in the past and it's a different take to the steampunky films.
    That said, sure; I can understand and respect he doesn't feel the urge to sound off on a topic that he hasn't looked at with his usual attention to detail.
    But it really is worth a look.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I can't tell if I am surprised or not that you do not plan on talking about manga. I wouldn't think that you would be, Moviebob, but you seem to reference it a lot in your videos. A lot of your clips are from anime and manga, and you seem to go onto the subject here and there. I would say that for someone who claims not to be a fan, you know a substantial bit about the medium. Are there any particular manga/anime that you do like? Also, based off of stuff you have said in that past, I am going to guess that you are quite familiar with Dragonball.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Serious question (that will probably be interpreted as an insult), Bob: When you do that deep voice thing (like with “comics are weird”), do you think “this is funny, people are going to laugh at this”?.


  6. Blue Highwind says:

    If you need to understand anime, here's the quick way:

    1. Watch Dragonball Z reruns
    2. Watch Cowboy Bebop reruns
    3. Watch a Studio Ghibli movie
    4. Watch at least one hardcore hentai – if the girl doesn't have a penis, it isn't hard core yet
    5. Watch the End of Evangelion without any context at all and be massively confused
    6. Dress up as Vash the Stampede

    Congratulations, you now are an anime expert.


  7. Anonymous says:

    @ Blue Highwind

    I'd add Sailor Moon to that list (even if it's essentially little girl wish-fulfillment that violates nearly all the rules of even television-grade good fiction and carries a toooooooooon of bad implications) because it was once a billion dollar franchise that defined a lot of the anime fandom attitudes and tendencies for years to come (most notably, the hatred of shit dubs and senselessly over-the-top censorship).


  8. antecedentless says:

    Unless the Bob has subscribed to the series on itunes or has been watching the less than ethical rips to youtube, FiM falls straight into the “Current TV” catagory, sadly. I doubt we will see much more of his insight on the matter outside of his brief mention in one of the junkdraw episode.


  9. biomechanical923 says:

    Hey. I'm not here to complain that Bob doesn't watch TV or anything. Just saying that “Breaking Bad” is one of the best TV shows I've seen in a long time, and everybody should check it out if they're into morally-ambiguous, character-driven drama.


  10. nejiblue says:

    first of all to, to blue highwind and the other guy that responded to him. The thing about anime and manga is to stop looking at them as “freaky little genre's that were popular in the 90's and then forgotten” and look at them as they should be:Animated shows and movies and comic books, influenced by the culture they were made in(with some exceptions as always.) For example, A animated TV show I watched recently for the first time in years, revolutionary girl utena. Is it “weird”? Yeah, but no weirder than black swan(I'm serious). They both use heavy symbolism and blurring between reality and fantasy. Truly well written, a masterpiece in every sense of the word(and one of the bigger female empowerment shows I've seen in my life.) Berserk is my all time favorite comic book, a interesting hellraiser horror/conan the barbarian fantasy genre bender. Like with anything else, anything that's actually good will find it's audience, irregardless of genres, medium, target audience, or country of origin.

    end of eva was confusing WITH context. The director was going thorough clinical depression when he wrote it and the series ending. You can tell the moment(aka when eva 1 “eats” the angel) that the show dumps its own narrative and goes with the theme that he wanted to use, and it destroys the show. I'm fine with “stories with a message”, but it HAS to be integrated into a narrative of some sort. It's really disappointing when I read the series bible, the pre-production stuff they wrote. Could have been a great science-fiction show.

    sailor moon. Once again, the comic is better than the show version. I'll assume by “bad implications” you mean the whole tuxedo mask character. While utena is certainly the opposite of this(ironically the director for utena got his start on sailor moon), I never had a issue with it. It basically appealed to the sensibilities of young girls at the time in japan, and most of them grew out of it. I mean it's not like super-heroes stories, which were originally meant for young boys(sorry bob), taught that much better morality. Don't agree with someone? KILL THEM ALL!(yeah, I know they don't kill them that often. You know what I mean. Beat the shit out of them, drag them in to the police till the escape for next time, etc.) Honestly, I thought the characters in sailor moon(in the comic) were pretty well done for the most part despite this. Once again, not utena, but also aimed at a completely different audience. And yeah the tv show suck about as much as dbz for different reasons.

    And finally, power rangers and linkara. Sorry, but the man said in his first video he would never mention sentai(making the video's a dead-end for understanding where the show REALLY came from), then proceeded to do so in the dino thunder video with the episode of that show that went out of it's way to make sentai look like garbage(christ, that dub) and then turn around say “I should give both a chance” when sentai will never be officially available in the states. And then he called me a snob for having no interest in PR while there are plenty of PR snobs out there he has no issues with(and hangs out with them all the time on rangerboard.) In other words,a hypocrite, like you bob. So make's sense you would get along. But yeah, I've seen far better video's on youtube that explain the show's genesis and how the stock footage it used differed from sentai. All linkara does is recap the show and give his own opinion on how great the show is(like I give fuck), unless it's a season the fandom doesn't like of course. So you and linkara can go to hell.


  11. Dave says:

    I watched the beginning of this video and stopped right about the part where he finishes his thought at the 50 second mark.

    Bob claims that most of the stuff that ends up on this show is stuff he already knows. BULLSHIT!

    Most of the stuff that winds up on this show is stuff he makes up and pulls out of his ass. The majority of things he thinks he knows is absolutely wrong. He doesn't know nearly as much as he thinks he does and makes the rest up, lying to people who don't know any better.

    This is why I give him such shit. I mean, Christ, some of the images he uses in some of his comics-related videos come directly from the Wikipedia entries about them, and the entries themselves aren't terribly long and can be breezed through in a number of minutes.

    His Wonder Woman video is a particular example of the aforementioned, as well as erroneously miscrediting writers on stories they never wrote and making up a whole load of stuff he claims happens in Wonder Woman's origin that NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN THE BOOKS.

    So yeah, Bob makes videos on things he knows stuff about….. except when he doesn't, but the topic is at least mildly popular at the time, so he makes stuff up and LIES to people who don't know any better.


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