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The new (final?) “Avengers” trailer has more action, more character-interaction and more “holy crap!” money shots, still playing hide-and-seek with the villains… though the post-credits beat has a pretty “WTF?” reveal.

Argue about what “that thing” is after the jump:

Well, that must be “The Leviathan” from those script-pages everyone was flipping out over a few months back. Question is, is that “something?” Fin-Fang-Foom? Giganto?

33 thoughts on “More Like It

  1. Ezenwa says:


    If it's Fin Fang Foom, I might not be able to control how loud I scream when I see it.

    So, my tally for awesome trailers:

    Avengers has 4, Dark Knight Rises has 2, and Amazing Spider Man has 1.

    Gonna be an awesome set of months!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Captain America looks SOOOOO awful. Also, this trailer is just more of the same. Giant decent looking set pieces with no context and a bunch of sh*** one liners and out of context dialogue snipets. It looks like EVERY major summer block buster. That does not mean it will be bad or good. But as far as movie ad campaigns go these trailers/ posters have been underwhelmingly mediocre.


  3. Dave says:

    My only issue with this film is Robert Downey Jnr, don't get me wrong… I think he's a good actor, but he's the 'quib' guy and Josh Whedon is a sucker for such characters…

    That and Robert Downey Jnr knows that he has the most popular and commercially viable character as well as one of the most famous actors (apart from Samuel L of course) and I feel he'll end up outshining everyone or getting all the best moments.

    Hell, he's already on record saying he wanted to 'front' the movie


  4. Dave says:

    @Steve: I believe you're thinking of Jormungand, which is the Midgard Serpent's proper name.

    I'm with R on this one. Given that Jormungand is Loki's son, and the spines on that serpent in the trailer, I could totally see it either as the Marvel-Universe-on-Film's version of THIS OR an upgraded version of that with whatever tech Loki is using during the movie.

    Alternatively, it could have revisionist origins and be created for Loki by the Skrulls (aka “Redacted”) who are CONFIRMED for the movie as of Toyfair 2012, and not be native to all things Norse, as is the case with both classic Norse mythology and the Marvel comics themselves.

    Though IMHO, the movie Skrulls look like total shit; they appear more like Darkling imps from The Darkness than actual Skrulls. It's the posture, combined with cartoonishly impish proportions: the disproportionately large head and long arms, the torso that's about half the size it should be, and the thin legs that don't look like they could support the weight of the upper body. Take a look at 'em here


    I'd like to point out that Hypocrite Bob is praising this trailer when the CGI for Hulk looks beyond shitty and out of place, whereas a shot of the Lizard's wet CGI eye (eyes are wet, fyi, hence why they're glossy) gets a shitkicking from him, which he generalizes across the entire film.

    Hypocrite Bob is a hypocrite who knows not nearly as much as he thinks he does.


  5. Aiddon says:

    y'know, Whedon's writing style hasn't aged as well as one would think. It doesn't help that too many people aped it, but even with the ur-example himself it just doesn't seem to cut it anymore


  6. Daniel R says:

    A few thoughts on the trailer;

    I really can't wait to see the Thor v Cap & Iron meet up in context. The idea of watching those three on screen interacting with each other is still so unreal to me. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

    1:29 What appears to be people bowing down to Loki. huh, interesting.

    Nice to see some cooperation in the team. Other than Thor helping an injured Cap up from the ground we haven't seen any honest to God teamwork in these ads.

    Called it! Now I'm pretty sure Widow and Hawkeye's arc is gonna involve them feeling inadequate about fighting in a group comprised of Legend, God, Genius, and Monster.

    Look at Widows wrists as she loads that gun, they light up. If I remember correctly, those are her “Widow's Bite” which shoot electromagnetic pulses.

    Frankly I don't care whether thats Fin Fang Foom, Giganto,the Midgard Serpent, or a Beast brought up by Namor. I just know that the Avengers are going to fight a giant monster in the middle of a city and thats good enough for me.

    The reason the Lizard sucks isn't because of its poorly rendered CGI model. The Lizard sucks because it was badly designed.

    It looks like a human with scaly skin and they forewent with the lab coat. This sort of weakens the point of the character in my opinion.
    The Lizard is supposed to be a monster in human guise. It looks its best when its a bipedal dinosaur with an elongated snout and savage teeth. The lab coat just makes it that much clearer that Connor is still there, but locked away beneath a few hundred layers of wanton hunger and rage.

    The new model just looks far too human. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it talked. Connor isn't locked away, he's at the surface.

    Meanwhile, Hulks CGI model is designed to look like, well the Hulk. In fact, i think I see some purple pants in a few of those shots.


  7. Joe says:


    I'm pretty positive. I watched Serenity again on the big screen recently, and was reminded how good a movie it was. I think it showed Whedon can handle a heavy effects picture and an ensemble cast quite competently.


  8. Arturo says:

    What I'm loving the most from this trailer is that despite the whole awesome factor of watching all the heroes come together, they are still getting their asses handed to them. Despite their combined efforts, they are still being pushed farther than ever, which is pretty much how this sort of story should go.


  9. Dave says:

    @Daniel: I wasn't saying anything about the Lizard design not sucking. I was saying that Bob was shitting on the CGI before and I was pointing out the hypocrisy here. Therefore, as it is readily apparent that you didn't read what I wrote before responding, your comment is the very definition of a non-sequitur. Make sure to read what others write BEFORE you respond to their posts, please and thank you.

    As for your other comments…….

    “The Lizard is supposed to be a monster in human guise.” Oh really? Because I was under the distinct impression that the Lizard was a short-lived, Hulk-like transformation which occurred whenever Curt Connors was under stress or subject to a chemical reaction, and an inadvertent side-effect of Connors trying to regrow his arm. It is not a persona which hides beneath a guise but pure animalistic instinct which causes Connors to lose his humanity.

    At least, that's more or less what says. I don't know where you're getting your information but what you said there sure as hell doesn't sound like the Lizard to me…….

    “The new model just looks far too human. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it talked. Connor isn't locked away, he's at the surface.”

    It's not a “new” model. It's based off of the ORIGINAL model, by Ditko, sans the lab coat. The Lizard does talk and Ditko's version is highly intelligent and quite the criminal mastermind.

    Therefore, you don't know nearly as much about these characters as you think you do, so therefore maybe it's time you stopped shooting your mouth off and rushing to assumptions when you're clearly speaking from a position of ignorance.

    “Meanwhile, Hulks CGI model is designed to look like, well the Hulk. In fact, i think I see some purple pants in a few of those shots.”

    Really? I thought Hulk's CGI model was designed to look like Tony the Tiger. Thank you, Captain Obvious, for that much-needed clarification. *rolls eyes*

    My point was the CGI looks absurdly fake and out of place. The facial animation at the 2-minute mark is really wonky and the texture mapping is sub-par.

    His pants are greyish, possibly bluejeans with a desaturated color. NOT PURPLE. Look closer at the shots.

    Evidently, it would appear you have some problems with paying attention and are allowing your ignorantly misguided fanboyism to get in the way of rational thought.


  10. Nathan says:

    There is a way to make an disagreement with someone without coming off as obnoxious.
    “Evidently, it would appear you have some problems with paying attention and are allowing your ignorantly misguided fanboyism to get in the way of rational thought.”
    “Really? I thought Hulk's CGI model was designed to look like Tony the Tiger. Thank you, Captain Obvious, for that much-needed clarification. *rolls eyes*”
    “Therefore, you don't know nearly as much about these characters as you think you do, so therefore maybe it's time you stopped shooting your mouth off and rushing to assumptions when you're clearly speaking from a position of ignorance.”
    These are not points of reason or logic. This is just your way of putting other people down who you disagree with and make yourself feel superior. When Daniel disagreed with you he wasn't sarcastic, rude, or gave the over all tone like “you dont know as much as me so STFU”. Now is Bob biased or a bit hypocritical at times? Yea, who the hell isn't? Just because you have hypocritical view over two movies, it doesn't make you a bad person. Bob, sometimes acts that way too when he generalizes audiences of films, but its not any better when you do it.You might just want to take a little bit easy.
    As for the Hulk. I personally hate the way his face looks. It looks more silly that bad. But Bob didn't really say anything about the CGI of the Hulk. He said he just liked the trailer. Unless he makes on of the trailer breakdown articles on the escapist, we can't assume what he would like.


  11. Daniel R says:

    Yeah, you can hold the condescending attitude please.
    My comment may have been a bit too crass for your tastes and I apologize for it, but no need to insult me personally.

    Fine, in retrospect the “talking” argument really doesn't hold.
    True, looking back on the comics the Lizard has always been intelligent. But intelligent and human are two different things altogether. I may not be the biggest fan of the Lizard but every story I've read, watched or heard of that included him always portrayed him as fairly feral and bestial in nature and with a disregard for human life. I recall Connors not being exactly joyful about becoming a raging monster.

    I don't know if this is the case currently but I'm pretty sure about the Lizard and Connors personas being two personalities at odds with each other. The design does not show this in any way. Yes the design can be said to be based on the original Ditko character, but frankly I've never liked that particular Ditko design either. In fact the Lizard I picture is always more along the lines of this;

    Without the dual angle, the idea that inside that evil, scary, brutal, sadistic, subhuman ugly, UGLY looking CGI mode- err… monster, still lies an honest man then the Lizard kinda loses his allure, at least to me.

    While the last few shots in the city are upon closer inspection denim.
    Look at 1:33 behind Black Widow. If my eyes are to be believed, I'm thinking those are purple.

    Disregarding the pants, I rather like this Hulk has the appropriate size, and dimensions to make it look appealing in the context of the film. Plus, this is the first time the same actor playing Bruce Banner actually gets to play the Hulk too. That coupled with the accurate design satisfies me.


  12. Daniel R says:


    Thanks for the defense.

    Didn't see you're comment until after I posted mine, may have retroactively harmed you're defense of me.

    Sorry if I came off a bit abrasive I just felt I needed to respond.


  13. Dave says:

    Clearly neither of you know how to read. Nathan, you're an idiot, defending indefensible behavior on Bob's end. No matter how much you or Daniel choose to agree on stuff, clearly you haven't actually read what I have written and are quote-mining to justify behavior that is either just as bad – if not worse than – what you perceive me to be doing.

    Daniel did not read what I wrote, and responded to something completely tangential. I called him out on it, and his not paying attention. He didn't disagree with me because his response had nothing to do with what I wrote. But you evidently don't know how to read, and shoot your mouth off to defend someone without realizing you are merely showcasing your ignorance.

    Hypocrisy is an indefensible position. You are making excuses for it and come across as an idiot because of it. And I never said it made Bob a bad person (your words, not mine), but it does undermine his credibility. In his line of work, that actually matters more than you clearly realize.

    If you do not actually READ what someone writes or PAY ATTENTION to what is going on around you, then you are an invalid and I reserve the right to call you out on it. If you do not use your brain, I see no reason to be polite in response, as you are not only disrespecting all the other people commenting, but yourself as well.

    It doesn't matter how mean you think I'm being; either you know what you are talking about, or you don't. At the end of the day, that is what matters, and no manner of socially-motivated agreement or flaming will change that.

    You are not acting rationally or logically, Nathan. You are being emotional. That is clearly evident.

    But whatever. You write a defensive post like you're twelve. Frankly, that's an insult to twelve-year-olds, who are clearly more mature than you.

    Bob has lied. He has made stuff up. I come here because on occasion he says something intelligent, but when he lies to you or makes it his business to mislead you to earn a profit. You should understand that I'm doing you a favor by attempting the spread of misinformation in the community. This is also the case with everyone else who calls him out on it. But clearly, you are too much of a fan to think for yourself.

    Was I trying to justify moral superiority or make myself look better by putting down someone else? No, but that's what you just did. Two wrongs don't make a right. I was merely calling out ignorance when I saw it.

    QED. It matters not to you that I'm right or that I know what I'm talking about. You just see me as a big meanie. You're being a child. Put your ego aside and grow up.


  14. Dave says:

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I don't give polite responses to those of you who reply to others without reading what they wrote. It skews their message and is disrespectful to them.

    Understand that respect is reciprocated. You get what you give. Instead of decompensating like little children because I was honest and forthright instead of blowing smoke up your asses, you should understand that maybe you did something which warranted the attitude. Instead, you are here justifying yourselves and reinforcing one another in a socially-motivated context, denying or distracting from your own wrong-doing and defending Bob for the indefensible.

    Pitiful. If you act like children or fanboys acting like children, that is precisely what I will treat you like. If you want me to respect you as adults, then ACT LIKE IT.

    Why this is so hard to understand, I don't know. But I have no reason to respect any of this socially-motivated bullshit that is just polluting the community. You make me sick.


  15. ram says:

    whats up with the music in this trailer sounding almost exactly like Hanz's Batman music?

    Even the new spiderman trailer sound like it wants to be Batman Begins…


  16. Dave says:

    And a final thought:

    When you state the obvious or state things that are clearly a result of you NOT paying attention, it wastes others' time. If said observations also are a consequence of one's fanboy/girl sense of entitlement, they risk spreading throughout more communities regardless of what may actually be the case (this actually happened with something that got onto the news lately and a LOT of people were pissed off about misinformation going public, so it can be a lot more damaging than you'd ever imagine, hence why I give a shit about these things).

    In either case, it's disrespectful, both in an immediate sense with regard to the other posters here and also the broader community at large. As such, I reserve the right to call you out on it in an attempt to put a stop to the spread of such things. If I'm harsh, it's because it is deservedly so. You may not understand how or why it is disrespectful or potentially damaging, but hey, that's on you.

    It's not about a difference in opinion. I welcome that wholeheartedly. It's about someone not THINKING before they shoot their mouth off. I have zero tolerance for that and do not discriminate against such dumbfuckery, regardless of the degree. I know I'm not alone in that regard.

    I call it like it is, so if I give you attitude, it's probably because you did something wrong without realizing it and should think for a minute before getting emotional and going into retaliation mode. If you'd like me to be peachy and kind and fluffy and whatnot, just learn to read, own up to your shit when you're wrong (it's really not such a huge thing to get defensive over, seriously) and act like a mature adult instead of a twelve-year-old with severe ADHD and a lack of impulse control. I'm not asking for the Taj Mahal here… this really shouldn't be so difficult.

    But play with fire, and you're going to get burned. Stifle the egos, please. You all have brains. I strongly urge you to use them.


  17. Dave says:

    @ram: Interesting observation. It also reminds me of the Mass Effect soundtrack from 0:40-0:50, and also toward the last quarter of the trailer or so. πŸ™‚

    Also, if you listen closely, you can hear sound effects which seem recycled from Paramount's Bayformers features. Oddly enough, it feels far more appropriate in this film, so it doesn't depreciate my enjoyment of the trailer. πŸ™‚


  18. Reymath says:

    Wow…I came to see what people thought of the trailer and all I found was a couple of people slap fighting in the comments.

    Ah nerds…shine on you crazy diamonds.

    (Let it be known that I too am a nerd and have acted just as silly on occaision…)

    On the trailer itself, Bob, it looked awesome, and I am just as pumped as you! Whoo!


  19. Anonymous says:

    @Dave (angry one)

    I think it's a bit unfair to judge the Skrull's on-screen appearence by little plastic figurines in a children's (board?) game, don't you?

    If you go by that logic, do you also expect them to be purple/pink in the film?


  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Dave is like what would happen if someone concentrated all of the negative stereotypes about nerds into a single human being.

    But it's ok you guys, I'm sure he's thinking about his pissy tantrums in terms of “the broader community at large” πŸ˜‰


  21. Anonymous says:

    Well, all of two people, and what they did barely qualifies as “ganging up.”

    Irony about the biggest ego is the one calling people out on their egos. Glass houses and stones anyone?


  22. Nathan says:

    “You write a defensive post like you're twelve. Frankly, that's an insult to twelve-year-olds, who are clearly more mature than you.”
    “You are making excuses for it and come across as an idiot because of it.”
    “Clearly neither of you know how to read. Nathan, you're an idiot, defending indefensible behavior on Bob's end.”
    Yep, this is clearly how a mature adult reacts. 'You disagree with my position or tone so I insult you' is not a valid way to argue on internet or in real life.
    “Hypocrisy is an indefensible position” You are right on some occasions like when it comes to things like politics or philosophy. But the hypocrisy you choose to make a big deal about(which Bob never exactly stated his position the Hulk CG) is about Bob's preferences to style and bad CG on both movies. Not exactly something that deserves the public shaming you are giving out.
    “And I never said it made Bob a bad person (your words, not mine)” You are also right here. I guess I should have said that your tone seemed to implicate that.
    Now let me just remind you that I originally wrote about 3 small paragraphs that subjected that maybe you adjust your tone and try be a little less condescending. Never once did I accuse of being an idiot, illiterate, or really even wrong(more like mistaken). You respond back to me accusing me being immature and calling me an idiot. I dealt with a lot of people like you in life who always assume that problem is with everybody else, but never even think for a second that there might be some problems with you.
    Daniel and I at least acknowledged that there were some flaws or holes in our arguments. You go on a rant about how apparently(as you implied) are the epitome of everything that is wrong on the internet. Hardly seems like an appropriate reaction does it?


  23. Anonymous says:


    People like you are the exact reason why nerds, geeks, and comic fans in general get no respect from general society. It's why we have to put up with the stereotype that we're all a bunch of immature, pedantic, whiny gits with “little big man syndrome” who can't cut it in the real world.

    Your entire argument is baseless anyway since the very thing you were picking on Bob about was pulled out of thin air. Bob said nothing about the CGI for Hulk or anything else in the film in any of his posts so far. Nothing. Zilch. So basically you put words in his mouth, same as you did with the couple of people who decided to call you out on it.

    But I see I'm wasting my time, since it is clear you subscribe to the “wah someone on the internet disagrees with me so I'm going to insult them and put them down so I can feel all righteous and superior” school of debate.

    Get out of my fandom, kthnx.


  24. Dave says:

    Geez guys I'm sorry, I didn't think it's escalate like this. After reading it again Bob didn't say anything about the Hulk. I just have to warm up to the way he looks.


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