Escape to the Movies: "Detention" & "Lockout"

Now with EMBEDS! (below)

Warning: “Intermission” includes MASSIVE SPOILERS for “Cabin In The Woods.”


The Escapist is putting together a convention of it’s very own: The Escapist Expo.

The event will be held in Durham, NC from September 14 to 16. Among those scheduled to attend include Yahtzee, Jim Sterling, Graham and Paul from LoadingReadyRun, Gavin Dunne and myself. In what “capacity” will we be there? Stay tuned.

Looking forward to see folks there!

Not Needed

Oh goody – “Need For Speed” is making the jump to the big screen.

For those keeping track, the score is:

ZELDA: No movie.
SUPER MARIO BROS: One insignificant movie, two decades ago.
METROID: No movie.
MEGA MAN: No movie.
METAL GEAR: No movie.
FINAL FANTASY: Two movies, one bad one just-okay-as-fanservice.

But “Need For Speed?” Oh yeah, let’s film the FUCK out of that. Egh…


Many congratulations are in order to fellow Boston film critic Wesley Morris, who just won this year’s Pulitzer for criticism. The occasion reminds me that a few other local associates of mine have things going on worth promoting – something I generally don’t do too often on this site but will gladly make an exception for in these cases:

Daniel M. Kimmel – onetime head of the Boston Society of Film Critics, genre film/lit expert and teacher – is nominated for a Hugo Award this year for his published collection of essays “Jar-Jar Binks Must Die …And Other Observations About Science Fiction Movies.” Well worth your time.

And while I’m here, I also reccomend checking out Ian Pugh’s academic examination of “The Dark Knight,” “The Faces of Gotham” – now available in e-book format.

"Iron Man 3" Shoots In China

This is getting interesting.

The big question-mark of the “Iron Man” franchise (before anyone knew about The Avengers plans, at least) was always how it was going to deal with the fact that the character’s most (only, really) noteworthy villain was The Mandarin; a villain who while interesting in his own right is pretty-much a “Yellow Peril” caricature left over from the hero’s heyday as a Cold War commie-smasher.

The first film teased his existance with a terrorist cell called “The Ten Rings” (Mandarin augments his “magic” with borrowed alien technology housed in ten rings) whose leader was obsessed with Ghengis Khan. Sir Ben Kingsley (who is half Indian and has played Eastern characters in Ghandi and Prince of Persia, among others) has evidently been cast as IM3’s main heavy, though Marvel was quick to say that he was NOT playing The Mandarin.

BUT then the casting-call went out for Asian and Middle-Eastern extras, and now the film is going to the trouble of lensing in mainland China, so it’s not too difficult to imagine some element of that will come into play. It’s possible to do versions of dated characters like The Mandarin and make them work – David Lo-Pan is a memorable example, though that was 20 years ago…

Japan’s "Amazing Spider-Man" Trailer Doesn’t Suck

Hat-tip: Latino-Review

Seriously! Take a look:

No, but for real the actual one is finally the piece-of-marketing-that-doesn’t-suck I’d been waiting for on this movie…

MUCH better, no? There’s still plenty I’m not sold on here – Spidey’s terrible new costume, the webshooters as guns, the tone, the missing-parents mystery, hints of heroic predestination, the too-tidy “everything leads to OsCorp” plotting, the on-the-nose casting (Sally Field as a concerned mother-figure? Way to think outside the box!), the whole lost-parents backstory, The Lizard still looking incredibly crappy, etc – but at least this is a well-cut trailer for something that might look pretty decent… if only I could forget that it’s a pointless, licensing-rights-driven, bean-counter-mandated reboot of “Spider-Man.”

I can’t quite place the male voice of who that is telling Peter he needs to “look within” for answers about his parents/self/powers(?) etc. It doesn’t sound like Ifans, Sheen or Leary; and we already know that J Jonah Jameson isn’t a character in this, so… who is it? Quickie guess: It’s a yet-to-be-officially-announced Norman Osborn, and this dialogue is coming from his nigh-innevitable “Joker Tease” reveal at the end of the movie.

"Looper" Trailer

Rian Johnson’s (late of “Brick” and “The Brothers Bloom”) scifi movie “Looper” finally has a trailer:

Premise concerns future mobsters who dispose of victims by zapping them 30 years into the past, where specialty hitmen called Loopers whack and dispose of them (the guys aren’t supposed to exist yet and thus register as just another John Doe is, I’m assuming, the logic in that.) Joseph Gordon Levitt is the Looper of the title; whose most-recent assignment hits a snag when the intended victim (Bruce Willis) turns out to A.) have an escape plan and B.) actually be himself from the future. I’m gonna guess the idea is that “you will at some point off your elderly self” is something Loopers agree to (hence the hoods so they don’t know when it happens?) and the origin of the name.

Killer idea, hope it works.

"Avengers" LA Premiere Buzz Is… GOOD!

Naked hit-baiting? Not above it.

“Avengers” held it’s Los Angeles Premiere last night, and LA journos took to the (apparently not-embargoed) Twitter right after to opine. The verdict, thus far, seems immensely positive.

The reliefs. I has them all.

Here’s DEADLINE’S report, which is mostly business-side, but there you go.

Here’s Jeff Wells, complaining about not being invited to screen a movie he’s already sure he’ll hate (gotta love this guy, seriously)

BAD’s Devin Faraci posted his and other people’s Twitter reactions. I’m hesitant to post this one, since he drops what may or may not be a SPOILER (I’m told it’s a REALLY early one, if so) but if you don’t fear such things there you go.

Paul Dini’s Twitter Feed Said: “Just arrived home from premiere with mind blown, shit lost and a smile that won’t leave my face. The superhero movie perfected.”

There’s also early word that the customary Marvel Studio’s “wait for huge next-movie-reveal after credits” rule is in effect, though so far no one has spoiled it that I’ve seen. (I’ve a reasonably good idea what it might be based on years-old rumors, but my lips iz sealed.)

Before anyone asks: No, I don’t know when I’ll be seeing it. If you think that dissapoints you, just imagine how *I* feel 😉