"Avengers" LA Premiere Buzz Is… GOOD!

Naked hit-baiting? Not above it.

“Avengers” held it’s Los Angeles Premiere last night, and LA journos took to the (apparently not-embargoed) Twitter right after to opine. The verdict, thus far, seems immensely positive.

The reliefs. I has them all.

Here’s DEADLINE’S report, which is mostly business-side, but there you go.

Here’s Jeff Wells, complaining about not being invited to screen a movie he’s already sure he’ll hate (gotta love this guy, seriously)

BAD’s Devin Faraci posted his and other people’s Twitter reactions. I’m hesitant to post this one, since he drops what may or may not be a SPOILER (I’m told it’s a REALLY early one, if so) but if you don’t fear such things there you go.

Paul Dini’s Twitter Feed Said: “Just arrived home from premiere with mind blown, shit lost and a smile that won’t leave my face. The superhero movie perfected.”

There’s also early word that the customary Marvel Studio’s “wait for huge next-movie-reveal after credits” rule is in effect, though so far no one has spoiled it that I’ve seen. (I’ve a reasonably good idea what it might be based on years-old rumors, but my lips iz sealed.)

Before anyone asks: No, I don’t know when I’ll be seeing it. If you think that dissapoints you, just imagine how *I* feel 😉

13 thoughts on “"Avengers" LA Premiere Buzz Is… GOOD!

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican wrote that “if comic-book movies are your thing, you will be fully satisfied by the concoction Joss Whedon has fixed for you with Avengers.” And if comic-book movies aren't your thing and you tend to want a bit more nourishment in your soup, The Avengers might be an in-and-outer?”

    Um, that's kinda how preferences work, dude. Also, way to say that all comic book movies lack “nourishment”.


  2. SirRosser says:

    I was already sure that this was going to kick ass, but hearing that Paul Dini gives it his approval just seals the deal – after all, he's written for a good half of the shows I've loved since I was a toddler, from Masters of the Universe up.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Gotta lova how Jeff complains that he doesn't get invited because thay don't want “neutral” critics and then goes on to critique a movie he's not seen because it's a comic book movie and nitpick Tweets about how good the movie was.


  4. Mack says:

    I'm getting a smile on my face whenever i read about the Avengers or watch one of the trailers, i'm going to be giggling like a school girl in the actual theatre


  5. Chris says:


    Is the first movie to use the “after credits” extra scenes Ferris Bueller? I don't remember any movies before that one to do anything special after the credits.

    Some movies used to play blooper reels during the credits but I believe Ferris Bueller was the first to have additional movie afterwards.


  6. Anonymous says:

    does movie bob have a girlfriend. hahahah yeah right like the world a fair place or something. an shame he seem like a nice smart guy but lifes a bitch


  7. B.L.C. Agnew says:

    Well I admit that while I wasn't really worried (none of the Marvel movies have been had and Whedon's single previous film credit is a master class in pacing, ensemble development, hero/antagonist dynamic, and escalation of action), it is nice to see all the hugely positive reactions.

    Now if only April could end so these tickets could stop burning a hole in my pocket and do me some actual good.


  8. Jeppe says:

    In the year of The Hobbit and Prometheus.. I couldent care less about fan catering and formula Marvel movies – which gets waaaay to much praise as it is.. I don't get it.. People lose all standards when the talk comes to Marvel..


  9. B.L.C. Agnew says:

    “Jeppe: In the year of The Hobbit and Prometheus.. I couldent care less about fan catering and formula Marvel movies”

    Yes, in a year with The Hobbit and Prometheus, there's certainly no room for formula or fan-catering – there's absolutely none of that to be found in either of those two films. It's not like Frodo, Galadriel, and Legolas have parts in The Hobbit even though they're nowhere to be found in Tolkien's original book. And the Prometheus trailer certainly doesn't bend over backwards to recall the original Alien ads at every opportunity.

    . . . Oh wait, no those things DO happen.

    Also, I'm sick and fucking tired of “Formula” being a dirty word. The only thing it means is that it's a proven method of accomplishing something, and you know what? ALL MOVIES USE IT. And since we're on the subject, Peter Jackson and Ridley Scott are MASTERS of formula film-making. Their best films revel in it.


  10. Popcorn Dave says:

    “Naked hit-baiting? Not above it.”

    Who knew?

    Fantastic to see all this good feedback… I was a little cautious about what Whedon was going to do with these characters since I apparently didn't love his previous work as much as everyone else. A recommendation from Paul Dini of all people is nothing to be sneezed at. Looking forward to reviewing this on my fledgling blog!


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