Body By Michelin

Here’s Batman and Catwoman from “Dark Knight Rises” on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly. I hate to sound like a broken record here, but the “Nolanverse” costume/character designs – Joker excluded – just keep looking worse.

Yeah, yeah, “haters gonna hate;” but just LOOK at those monstrosities – they look like they made their suits out of old tires. I’m sure the movie will be fine, but between these two and Bane it’ll be fine in spite of how bad everyone looks. Ugh.

21 thoughts on “Body By Michelin

  1. Matthew says:

    he doesn't even have any bat nipples on that suit! But seriously I think the problem is that the comic batman just wears spandax and was just so good he didn't get that hurt. In the more “real world” they gotta armor him up. Sometimes comics work better


  2. Anonymous says:

    Eh…I disagree. When it comes to costumes I don't like to feud because everyone's got their idea of what they should look like. However nothing I've seen from TDKR has made me outraged and calling them awful…I just don't see it. I've never had problems with Batman's look and Catwoman has grown on me, I actually kind of dig it. Minus the lack of the cowl, I'm sorry but it's not that different from many comic designs. Even Bane's look I find more uninspiring than awful.


  3. Emeric Salzberg says:

    Nolan's cinematographer clearly knows what he's doing because I never have an issue with the costumes until one of these over-lit EW covers comes out or I see a stand-alone production still. Personally, I excuse the ugly armored look in BB and TDK because Batman is still tweaking his look and figuring out his role as a superhero. However, this being the final film, one would think he'd realize that he needs throw an actual costume over his under-armor at this point.


  4. Chris Wyatt says:

    I've got generally mixed feelings toward these costumes, but I've never thought they were that awful.

    Actually, when they first revealed the Joker a few years, my first reaction wasn't very enthusiastic. In fact, my first thought was, “Wow, the Joker looks kinda like The Crow.” The costume itself grew on me, and for obvious reasons I thought the character and Heath Ledger were awesome.

    As for these… honestly, I think they're decent enough. I agree with you Bob that they keep over thinking the batsuit. The armored look is kind of excessive, but it never bothered me that much.

    As for Bane's look… I actually don't have much of an opinion. I don't think it's great but I don't think it's awful either. It just doesn't make much of an impression. I suppose that's not a particularly good sign.

    Catwoman on the other hand… I kind of dig. It's by no means the most creative costume design ever, but I'm pretty optimistic about it. Admittedly it might have something to do with it being Anne Hathaway in a skin-tight catsuit, but I digress.


  5. Goku50k says:

    I've always liked the costumes in Nolan's Batman film's. And no i'm not one of these “In Nolan We trust” people. The costumes to me look much more practical to me then some guy wearing spandex and no protection. yea i know in the costumes he's wearing some forms of body armor underneath but if you look at Year One and The long Halloween he kept getting shot was injured all the time, Nolan's films seemed to have solved that problem. Another thing that I like is the Catwomen costume so it pre-dates the modern versions of Catwomen and goes for the look of the 60's verison, I like that personally, and for Bane…well dont get me started on him, he looks awesome in my opinion, I personally like the mask and like the way he sounds. There is something mysterious and kind of creepy about his look.


  6. Chris says:

    It probably won't look as glaring once we get some more cape action. The way that cover shows the outift it doesn't look intimidating. Throw in the cape and it adds some more “size” and proportion to the look.


  7. Mads says:

    Ok, Bob. Riddle me this: Who makes Batmans costumes?

    In the films, Batmans masks are that way because he doesn't exactly have a depeche mode critic moonlighting as a batman costume designer. He's figured out how to get himself some good gear, and that's simply what he wears. In fact, Batman has little to patience for anything like that.

    The visual aesthetic hasn't been chosen like this because of some weird adherence to realism, as you postulate, it's simply a matter of in-film consistency. Batman doesn't have the Wayne Enterprises R&D wing developing his stuff out in the open, noone there can know that they have anything to do with the Batman – noone but Lucious, essentially.

    Even the current level of design and tech is almost going too far, as is seen in the second film.

    I'm not saying that strict adherence to authenticity is always preferable when it comes to dealing with superheroes, but clearly, it's much better to have too much internal consistency than too little.

    And you know…maybe these costumes aren't pretty, but maybe that's the bloody point. Maybe, for once, the point is to say, looking awesome just isn't important. To say, that's not really what this is about.


  8. Aiddon says:

    Thing is this is how Batman WOULD look in real life. The only reason Batman had gray or blue (and also the Bat-Briefs) in his outfit in the comics is because making it all black would make it impossible to see any features on him back when the series first started. Plus, let's face it, people aren't going to suspend their disbelief if they see BAtman getting shot while obviously wearing spandex.


  9. Jackass Mask says:

    To Chris:

    I'm guessing that is their “alien” armor that they will have before they crash land on earth and meet up with their huge cast of Human friends on a military base. And the the crash will be a fiery explosion that will incinerate their armor supply and they will have to don new outfits that match to the old red, white and blue as they sign up for active duty for the Army. But plenty of time will be given to flesh out their squad mates while the turtles themselves will get at least a quarter of the screen time for whatever dilemma the talented minds at Platinum Dines can think up..



  10. coyote says:

    My problem with the batsuit in the Nolanverse (and to be fair, all the live action Batmans) is that Batman can barely move in the thing. We've still yet to have a decent Batman fight scene in any live action film- it's always just an actor awkwardly robot dancing in an inflexible suit. I wanna see the smooth, fluid movements of the animated series Batman, and to make that believable, you need less armour, more spandex!

    Sure it would be less realistic, but this is a comic book movie, can't we have some ridiculous things that are in there because they just look more awesome?

    And that's why I vastly prefer the Marvel Studios approach to comic book movies than Nolan.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah so realistic there…except you know the wickedly impratical 6 inch heels Hathaway wears with her costume. Seriously have you seen the pictures of her in them? She looks like she's having trouble walking in them. Can't imagine her fighting in them. I mean geez even the comics have long ago stopped putting superheroines in heels just for that reason…


  12. Anonymous says:

    I just have a hard time believing this movie will live up to my expectations after The Dark Knight, Joker has always been my favorite villain and ending on Bane and Catwoman seems like they were searching for two villains that could fit into “realistic, dark and gritty Batman”.

    So no matter the hype or costume that I see, I just get a sinking feeling about the movie.


  13. B.L.C. Agnew says:

    Hey, Entertainment Weekly! Isn't that the magazine that managed to make every one of the Avengers look like shit on its cover a few weeks ago? Also, wow Bob, you're judging Hathaway based off of the roughly 1/6 of her that's visible behind Batman? Here ya go:

    Sorry, that doesn't scream “TIRE!” to me. I'm “meh” on the heels, but other than that I LOVE how Catwoman looks. We were never going to get something like the Arkham City Catwoman (which is pretty much what she's been looking like in comics these days) in TDKR, and dear GOD am I glad they're not going back to the Tim Burton well for this. On the other hand, updating the Julie Newmar look with some high-tech touches? YES PLEASE.

    As for the rest of Nolan's designs, Scarecrow looked amazing, the entire League of Shadows looks awesome (including Ra's and Ducard), the Joker looked great, Two-face looked great, and while I'm not a huge fan of ANY live-action Batsuit, Nolan's look a damn sight better than anything we had the decade prior.

    And the armored look makes sense – if a civillian is going to be exposing himself to that level of violence, wearing spandex and kneepads is STUPID (as evidenced at the end of TDK when Batman got, you know, SHOT). And since we all know the eventual marvel comparison is coming, Cap's First Avenger outfit was mostly cloth (based on military BDUs) and the modern outfit – while cool in a “it's just like the comics” way – looks NOTHING like what a S.H.I.E.L.D. or Stark lab would produce for a modern day super-soldier.


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