Bull. Shit.

Right-wing movie-bloggers – along with politicians of questionable-priorities – spent all eight years of the Bush-era “War on Terror” excoriating “liberal Hollywood” for not churning out the kind of citizen-rallying, Pentagon-collaborative war-themed projects that folks like Capra and Ford produced during WWII. Now they’re so eager to prevent the killing of Osama Bin Laden by SEAL Team 6 from aiding President Obama’s election any further than it already has that they’re desperately trying to damage Katherine Bigelow’s film on the subject (which was in-production BEFORE reality wrote a surprise happy ending for it) by pretending that there’s some kind of “controversy” over Bigelow’s production team having access to the real-life participants in the mission. Never mind the fact that these same bloggers were more than happy to slobber all over “Act of Valor” (which I liked, for the record) which was made with much more filmmaker/SEAL interaction that Bigelow’s people ever had.
I get why they’re pissed off, don’t get me wrong. Republicans have spent DECADES propping up the ideal of stern, square-jawed, conservative caucasian men, preferably with an air of rural machismo – the Cowboy Ideal… reborn!!! – as the only human beings capable of protecting the world from evil via bold political/military leadership; so it’s just killing them that no matter what history will record that it was a black liberal “intellectual” from Chicago who got to give the “take him out” order on Osama Bin Laden. So yeah, I understand. Poor things.

But guys… y’really have to let this one go. Some stuff you just can’t work around – Osama ate it on Obama’s watch, he got to make the call, he got to give the speech, there’s nothing you can do to make this NOT reflect well on him, and trying only makes you look foolish and diverts precious resources desperately needed over in your “Make Mitt Romney Seem Less Like Pod-Person” division. Focus!

The fact is, the movie was already in-production for over a year before the operation took place; so the idea that this was hastily put together as an “election movie” is asinine – unless, of course, people who are deluded enough to believe that Bin Laden’s killing was “stage managed” and the film is part of the conspiracy… but to buy that, you’d have to be dumb enough to believe that the President was born in Kenya, that there are socialist sleeper-agents in the U.S. government in 2012, that Soviet-style communism is still ANY kind of real threat, that Global Warming doesn’t exist, that evolution doesn’t exist, that… oh, right. Nevermind.

24 thoughts on “Bull. Shit.

  1. DoctorHair says:

    The hypocrisy is mind-boggling to say the least. I simply can't wait for this to trickle down through the media channels to the common right-wingers. It'll make it that much easier to identify morons when I hear them blindly parroting this sentiment around the world's water coolers.


  2. Shark says:


    1. There are some minorities in the GOP like Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Marco Rubio, and Rep. Alan West.

    2. Conservatives aren't racist, its just a small and vocal minority that act that way.


  3. Anonymous says:


    Not very many of them are racist, but the party and the culture surrounding it does pitifully little to reprimand that behavior. If anything, they're prejudiced against poor people.


  4. Nixou says:

    you'd have to be dumb enough to believe that the President was born in Kenya, that there are socialist sleeper-agents in the U.S. government in 2012…

    Naaaaah, you don't get it: Obama is working for the Culture, and once reelected, his alien space-hippie overlords will send their enormous fleets filled with omni-sexual career killers who will then politely ask us to turn earth into an anarchist commune otherwise they will regrettably have to blow up the sun.
    So vote for the pod-person: even if his buddies are willing to let the world burn, at least they won't blow up the sun in order to shove socialist sexual liberty through mankind's collective throat.


  5. biomechanical923 says:

    Bob, I think you're the one trying to manufacture a controversy here.
    You're quoting Breitbart as if it's representative of anything close to a majority opinion. Everybody knows that Breitbart is populated by racist, nationalistic nutjobs.
    When you make sweeping generalizations by trying to insult the intelligence of Christians and people who recognize contradicting information on global warming, and comparing them to the Tea-Partiers and Nationalists at Breitbart, you're really not helping your case.

    Any before anybody starts slinging blind accusations, I'm neither Christian nor Conservative.


  6. Anonymous says:

    “you'd have to be dumb enough to believe that… …that there are socialist sleeper-agents in the U.S. government in 2012, that Soviet-style communism is still ANY kind of real threat,”
    There's a difference between thinking that there exists this cackling secret cabal that's in league with the Comintern, and recognizing that totalitarian governments have been very common, if not the norm, throughout human history and that it CAN happen here. Anything else is “American Exceptionalism”.

    “that Global Warming doesn't exist,”
    That's a scientific issue, not a political one.


  7. Anon1 says:

    I just saw a segment on the Fox News network about this. The host said something along the lines of “The woman directed another film that didn't depict soldiers in the best of light, being 'The Hurt Locker'. Also won some awards.”-in shitty tone. I honestly couldn't believe the ignorance of that statement. Its weeks like this that make me sad that the Daily Show and Colbert Report are having a break this week because I know those two would have a field day with this.


  8. Angry Man says:

    The problem with the Republican party is not that they are all racists. Of course that is not true. The problem is that they have let the fringe nutjobs and racists rule the voice of their party. They have let the “vocal minority” take over the direction of the party and be their public face. If rank & file Republicans are sick of being lumped in with racist bigots all the time, maybe DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND STOP LETTING THEM DOMINATE YOUR PARTY. If I were a Republican, I would be incredibly ashamed of what my party has turned in to.

    @anon Republicans have made global warming a political issue. derp derp.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh. Breitbart. It all makes sense now. I agree with you, Bob, but you've got to stop lumping the average right-winger in with the likes of nut-job extremests. It's like the “Occupy Wall St.” and “Tea Party” movements– they're both easily (and frequently) portrayed in a bad light by the agenda-driven media outlets because of the occasional extremist outburst, but everyone I've met from either side talks about how overwhelmingly peaceful their experiences with the demonstrators have been.

    I'm not really an Obama supporter, but I give credit where it's due: the man deserves a proverbial high-five for takin' that monster out.


  10. Megabyte says:

    @Angry Man: Wrong all around.

    It's at the point where Republicans bitch about being called racist because it's annoying, not effective, against them. It seems like the big R-word is all they get called by the Dems, which is basically over-use and reducing the power of the name. Seriously, when you can legitmately say that we have lived through an election cycle where you were labeled a racist for not wanting one of the candidates… and half the nation didn't want him… how much meaning can the word have beyond mouthbreathing idiots (on either side of the isle) in any way that matters?

    ALSO when the media picks who gets to be front and center (for ratings of course) sensationalism is all that wins. And we have pretty much every major newscast outside of FOX leaning one way (and each caters to the audience of their leaning for said ratings)… well, you can imagine who gets to represent.

    ALSO, polarization in today's world won't let this change. The downward spiral continues.

    ALSO, Republicans did not make Global Warming a political issue. Democrats currently in office made what to do about it a political issue (and therefore dragged it into the political black hole) by trying to force everyone to change everything NOW like god damn 8-year-olds. If they didn't see the backlash (aka it becoming political) then they aren't smart enough to hold the offices they do. (Which I honestly believe is the case in most politicians today, party regardless.)


  11. Aiddon says:

    The madness continues. if they want their pathetic army porn they can go play CoD (though that has baffling and creepily anachronistic anti-Communism undertones more than anything)


  12. James says:

    The far-right sucks, what else is new?

    Keep railing against them, Bob. Doesn't make up for the fact that you're just as hateful and arrogant as the people you protest against.

    … and before someone brings up that I said I was gonna stop this, well, I can't. Bob's a dick, and he deserves to be mocked if it'll help shrink his bloated ego.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh, good.

    For a moment there I thought we might get a MovieBob thread about something political WITHOUT James gracing its pages with his comments, then the Universe would end by the hands of Darkseid.

    You see, James keeps commenting on MovieBob's articles because each comment keeps Darkseid at bay. Were he ever to stop, Darkseid would descend from Apokolips and usher in a new era of hatred and death. James is THAT important.

    Shine on, you defender of hope and liberty. Shine on.


  14. Anonymous says:

    James still has nothing better to do than hang around this blog and copy-paste his old posts all over again despite no one giving one flying damn about his broken-record reasoning and obsessive-compulsive need to act as if Bob is the left-wing devil and he is the one who shall single handedly cure him by being just as agressive and close minded as the sterotypical conservatives Bob usually targets, what else is new?

    Heh, see what i did there? 😛


  15. Anonymous says:

    I miss the James that was at least a little cordial for the past few days. Please take (or stop taking) your meds so we get that guy back, please.


  16. Anonymous says:

    Thinking that James ragging on Bob is like hating the good guy because he used the exact same tactic as the bad guy.

    I know that's ridiculously black and white, and both “sides” have morons, but what Bob says uses fair kinds of logic. This is like being insufferable about Zangief kid because he physically hurt his bully. That's a better metaphor.


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