Escape to the Movies: "Men In Black 3"

Don’t bother.

“Intermission” has more Avengers.

8 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Men In Black 3"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here are the 2 reasons why this franchise is still going and why MIB2 didnt kill it:



    You could put his face on syringes filled with aids, and they would outsell twinkies as far as the moviegoing audience is concerned. Kinda sad, but true.


  2. Thorbs says:

    I'm all for diversity, but diverse characters shouldn't be shoe-horned in just for political correctness. Add them because they're good characters, and bring something good to the mix. This isn't a United Colors of Benetton ad. How about we just start with getting rid of the typical racial stereotypes, like black guy = drug dealer and arab = bad guy?

    As for women in the Avengers? Would be nice to have some more, but in honesty I'm just happy that Black Widow was actually a bloody good character, and not the usual cardboard-thin female character holywood usually gives us.

    Worry about quality first… quantity should come after.

    I recommend reading the following article on the Avengers:


  3. Lord Slithor says:

    Eh. Looks like I might give this one a pass. I wasn't too crazy about the MIB movies to begin with. I at least thought they didn't quite live up to their potential, partly due to the reasons you cited. Though I'd say that the cartoon series that came out after it was probably more of what you were looking for, in much the same way that The Real Ghostbusters expanded the universe of that franchise and added more to its lore.

    As it is, looks like instead I'll be giving my money to The Chernobyl Diaries this weekend. Looks far more interesting to me at least. Any chance you could post a review on that?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Bob, I know this off subject, but, have you heard about G.I. Joe Retaliation? I can't believe they moved it to next year.


  5. Omorka says:

    I'm one of the few people who actually liked Ghostbusters II, in that if I hadn't ever seen the first movie I'd have been quite happy with it, but yeah – they tried to recapture the spirit of the first one and it didn't work, and some of the more interesting character hints (why are Spengler and Venkman really only talking through Stantz?) are never followed up on. The cartoon did it better, especially the syndicated season (before the Saturday AM studio people got their grubby hands on their second season, replaced two of the voice actors, and aged it down). Which, yeah – same series arc as MIB, really.

    As for the Avengers – what, no love for Scarlet Witch? Yeah, I know the whole “daughter of Magneto” thing potentially tangles her up in the X-franchise, but if they don't mention it or the word 'mutant' I think it could still work.


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