"Wreck-It Ralph" Trailer’d


“Wreck-It Ralph” was already on my most-anticipated movies of the year list. At 1:09 of this trailer, it became #1. I won’t be more psyched for a movie this year…

This may not be a Pixar movie, but it has that “feel.” I’m tearing up, just a little, on reflex.

The pitch is “Toy Story” for video games: Ralph is the villain of a “Donkey Kong” expy who wants to try out being the good guy, so he departs to try his hand in the new worlds of other games; two of which – representing Kart Racers and FPS, respectively – are glimpsed in the trailer. GREAT premise, and Jane Lynch as the Marcus/Samus hybrid is inspired casting.

I’m actually kind of amazed Nintendo signed-off on what looks like a couple of cameos – aren’t they supposed to be REALLY hard to work with on that stuff?

UPDATED! Here’s a high-res screengrab: Look at them! Look at them all! Holy shit – that’s the final Rhino Boss guy from “Altered Beast!” And a fucking BEHOLDER!!??

50 thoughts on “"Wreck-It Ralph" Trailer’d

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually getting some real characters works much better than making a bunch of clones of 'em, even though it's odd to see all thos villains together. Soundtrack for the trailer was awful, though.


  2. Angry Man says:

    This looks legit awesome. Fingers crossed it doesn't just go for all the easy video game cliche jokes (I didn't really notice any in the trailer, so that's a positive sign).
    What really sells it for me is that it includes actual video game characters and not some shitty knock offs. I'm also pretty amazed that they were able to secure those.


  3. Eze says:

    Unreal! Pixar, how do you find ways to get my money. I thought I'd never see a Pixar film, then you drop The Incredibles and Toy Story 3, and now this. Man!


    If you're Dreamworks, how do you counter?


  4. Kris Russell says:

    I really do see the appeal of this film. It looks hilarious and probably the first movie since Scott Pilgrim to really shine a positive light and winking nod to the video game culture. The cameos of Robotnik and Bowser were a nice touch. At the same time though, I feel it can also be a disservice to the opposite end of the gaming spectrum, where “cute, fuzzy, and family friendly” suddenly go to the “not so family friendly side”. And this is where the film may end up being more condescending than it might intend to be.

    I understand if this caters to your disdain for the current trends in gaming today, but I really feel that both sides need to be handled and viewed with some shared respect, and hopefully not a nostalgia-tinted lamenting on how things were better when they were simpler. In the more “mature” side of the spectrum, the good must be examined with the obviously bad, something that Hollywood more or less is either neglecting or being ignorant about for the sake of driving a point to audiences. It will be the scenario where the older generation will view the new, and because they see a world they neither understand or wish to understand, they'll right it off that the younger generation has it better, when in reality, in context to their era, there are even greater daunting challenges that the new generation will face.

    Anyway, I don't mean to over speculate on a film that may not even amount to what I am observing from one trailer. I'm sure the film will be a welcoming film that salutes games and gamers and the culture they represent.


  5. Eze says:

    Oh, and one more thing:

    If successful, will my guilty pleasure fantasies come to life in the form of a Smash Brothers project on screen, or better still (to me)…..the rebirth of Captain N?



  6. Daniel R says:

    Wow, I had no idea this was going to feature actual video game characters! I was expecting it to be filled with generic stand ins. I definitely wasn't expecting Zangief or Bowser! I think I might have even seen Shuma Gorath in there.

    i loved it; the cameos, the cast, the humor, the premise, the zombie. Loved it.

    I was aware of it before, now I'm excited ^_^


  7. Lido says:

    Dude that one scene with the support group which is admittedly right out of Toy Story Small Fry is full of cameos from Pac Man, Street Fighter, Mario, and House of the Dead at the least


  8. Unknown says:

    Disney? Just shut up and take my money now!

    We've all been burned by hyped up video game movies before, but I think the creative minds behind Disney might just be the ones to make it work.

    I have my hopes up, again, here's to this one not sucking!


  9. Razmere says:


    IT'S BOWSER! ROBOTNIC! ZENGIEFF!! And not just wink and nudge references to the characters but the ACTUAL CHARACTERS!!!!



  10. B.L.C. Agnew says:

    Okay, between this, Bolt, Princess and the Frog, and Tangled, it's becoming obvious that Pixar is having a HELL of an effect on the House of Mouse's internal animation.

    I am there, opening day.


  11. Gavin McQue says:

    I imagine getting the cameos wasn't as hard as normal as the people at Pixar who now have a lot of power in Disney over-all are very big fans and friends to Japanese studios.

    And yes, it looks awesome.


  12. NerdRage says:

    “I'm actually kind of amazed Nintendo signed-off on what looks like a couple of cameos – aren't they supposed to be REALLY hard to work with on that stuff?”
    Yes they are, have been ever since The Super Mario Brothers Movie Bombed.
    If I Remember Correctly Miyamoto Himself watched Scott Pilgrim before letting them use their music or sound effects. If the same thing happened here and somebody high up at nintendo read the script before signing off on it its a good indication that they thought this film was good enough for their characters.


  13. Aiddon says:

    Actually it's not a Pixar movie, though I can see why people would think it is. Anyway, definitely has potential, if just because it's an obvious love letter to gaming. Nintendo obviously must have saw potential if they're having at least Bowser in it. (also, I kinda wish they put the real Samus in; then again she's not stereotypically gung-ho, hoo-rah like shooter protagonists are)


  14. Anonymous says:

    This doesn't look all that interesting to me since the concepts of bad guy turning good and video games being some sort of other world are neither new or all that interesting. Although it does look at least good, but i just really hope they don't do that movie/tv logic way of depicting games.


  15. biomechanical923 says:

    Was that the giant pink Rhinoceros from Altered Beast?

    Fucking BRILLIANT

    I'm sold. This movie seems to be absolutely filled with obscure-ish movie and game references.

    I don't believe that's Shuma Gorath… I think it's just a Beholder.


  16. Omorka says:

    Not seeing much to get excited about story-wise (TRON is how old, now? Disney, quit ripping off your old ideas), but perfect use of the Talking Heads' “Once In A Lifetime” in the trailer.


  17. SirRosser says:

    Could it be that Disney's previous involvement with established video game franchises (as shown in the Kingdom Hearts series) may have taught them how to deal with pre-existing game characters? And could it be that we could be seeing rival franchises in the same movie like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I'm gonna go ahead and be optimistic about this one. Not even CAUTIOUSLY optimistic, either. Just plain optimistic.


  18. Kholdstare says:

    This is cool, but I'm left wondering where Dr. Wily went. We saw him in a leaked picture from this movie awhile back. Then again, with Capcom's vendetta against Mega Man, I'm not surprised.


  19. Anonymous says:


    There's a lot of debate as to how much involvement Disney actually had with the Kingdom Hearts series, but even the most liberal estimate places it as “not a whole lot”. Lots of obsessive control over how their characters and world are portrayed, but the core mechanics and anything involving video game characters is pure Square. Unless some Square characters show up, there is absolutely nothing linking these two properties.


  20. smile says:

    I'm legitimately excited for this and I usually despise video game films or films that evoke video games like Scott Pilgrim.

    This looks like a genuine love letter to games. It's not trying 'to get me' like Scott Pilgrim, but just having fun with the games we all know about. Should be good.


  21. Dominic says:

    The “shut up and take my money” catch-cries are fitting, given that the director Rich Moore was formerly an animation director on FUTURAMA.

    If Mario and/or Sonic don't show up in the final act, I'm gonna be… well, I'll enjoy the movie anyway, but NOT AS MUCH.


  22. Aiddon says:

    Moore also did a TON Of great Simpsons episodes like “Flaming Moes”, “Marge vs. the Monorail”, “Itchy and Scratchy the Movie”, and “The Front.”


  23. Anonymous says:

    Is that Kano sitting next to the zombie? If so, I think it's pretty ballsy for them to include a reference to a game that's had as much bad press as Mortal Kombat.

    I'm not recognizing the Blue elf lady, the yellow robot, the devil with the blue pants, or the ninja dude sitting next to the devil. Are they just from games I don't know?


  24. HolyJunkie says:

    There needs to be more Ninjas in the Bad Guy group. One just doesn't seem to fit right.

    Also, it feels more like a different Pixar movie- not Toy Story… what was it, A Bug's Life? No…

    Damn, I can't think of it.


  25. Gus says:

    I can't believe we actually get to see King Koopa and Dr. Robotnic in the same frame. That's just about the coolest thing in the world since Micky Mouse and Bugs Bunny were in the same frame as Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    To bad Dr. Cortex didn't make it though. And they totally could have gotten his original voice actor, Clancy Brown, to play him.


  26. KevinCV says:

    When I first heard about this, I was somewhat interested. Now that I've seen the trailer, this has reached “MUST WATCH!”. Especially because of the cameos of Bowser and Robotnik. Also I believe it IS, patrick.b.healy. I don't know, though. Been ages since I last touched “Battletoads”.


  27. Classtoise says:

    The robot is from Cyborg Justice.
    The ninja is any mook ninja, but likely inspired by Ninja Gaiden mooks.
    Devil and blue elf lady…no idea.


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