All The Hate (updated)

UPDATE: I’m leaving the original block-of-angry (which, just for perspective, was typed out on a phone while I waited to smother my angst in cheeseburger and beer) up after the jump for posterity/integrity’s sake, but I think I should clarify a few things:

1. I see people are hitting up the Tip Jar. While I deeply, deeply appreciate that – I want to be crystal-clear that I didn’t put this up looking for sympathy/charity in that regard. Those who chose to do so, thank you very, very much… but I don’t rage-post actively seeking that.

2. The screening I missed was not for a movie I wanted to see… well, okay, to be fair I do want to see it, but that’s not why missing it twice made my shit list. It’s a movie I have to see to review it for the show, and missing these two opportunities puts my ability to do my job in this instance in a certain amount of jeopardy. Movie critics don’t get to choose when they see movies – studio publicists contact us with a place/date where pre-screenings will be held, we have to show up, and if for whatever reason we are prevented from getting there 9 times out of 10 the critic is out of luck. Fortunately, in this case these will be at least one more opportunity (it’s a big movie, no it isn’t Batman) but if that weren’t the case I would be looking at being unable to fulfill a professional obligation to my employer because of two consecutive traffic issues.

I am not someone who believes in either karma or any other kind of universal balance. The universe is not balanced. The universe runs on random, heartless chance through which Natural Selection occurs. Times like these, however, make me want to reconsider that belief (or lack thereof.) Here’s what my last two days have been: FINALLY put a deposit on my first solo apartment after months of awful real-estate shopping. Good thing. Then, to “balance” it out? Boston traffic caused me to miss a screening. Next day: computer (the one on which ALL my work is done) decides to freak out – either a virus, software failure, burned-out board or all three. Repair bill on that? Don’t ask – more than I want to be spending in the midst of trying to put a move together. After that, a second chance at the film (no I can’t tell you which one) I missed at a screening an HOUR away out in the fucking sticks… which I have now managed to miss AGAIN because everyone and their mistress is trying to get into or out of Boston tonight and 93 was bumper-to-bumper all the way to fucking Dedham. So, yeah. This shit, on top of all the other rotten shit to deal with already? Fuck this universe. And if there IS some higher intelligence “in charge” of all this? Fuck IT; too.

35 thoughts on “All The Hate (updated)

  1. Razmere says:

    I take comfort in knowing the universe is random. For if not, then I am to believe that I actually deserved every tragic moment to fall upon me.


    if it is not random. I think of it as the universe testing me. So I can shout “HEY! I MADE IT PAST ALL THAT! WHAT ELSE YA GOT!?”

    Life is ugly yet beautiful. But still, Bob, I wish you luck. Hang in there!


  2. The Bagwellian says:

    If it helps there's a little mantra I like to repeat when life gets me down:

    Life sucks, God hates me, fuck hope!

    Works even better if you yell it. Really loud. At total strangers. But not policemen, that only makes matters worse.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, Bob, it's rare to see you freak out like this about something other than dumbasses hating on Nintendo. Everyone feels your pain. Like that other guy said, hang tough. You can do it.

    Oh, and, natural selection doesn't run on chance. Thought I should point that out.


  4. Anonymous says:


    Natural selection is INFLUENCED by chance, i.e. nature which shifts according to…well, nature! But the response- the actual genetic change of life-forms over time- isn't random.

    So it's a 'yes, except no' sort of thing.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I guess it's easy to lose hope at times. And getting angry and blowing off a little steam can often lighten the load.

    I guess what's important is not to dwell in cynicism. It doesn't take too much to find something in the world that makes you happy, that makes you think that even though the world make be random chaos adding up to nothing, you wouldn't trade it in for a second. It just takes a little time to step back and see everything in perspective.

    Your Game Overthinker video, “Why we love games” (or whatever it was called). In that you focus on the things that make make your universe worth living, that fill you with a joy for experiencing what life has to offer. Not the games themselves, but how they make you feel. And I suppose you can apply what you did there to the universe in general, “Why we love life”.


  6. TheDVDGrouch says:

    Ouch Bob that all really sucks sorry to hear it. I'm in the process of moving myself right now & dealing with all the trouble that comes with it, so I can relate to your pain.

    Hope everything works out for the best.


  7. Anonymous says:

    James, you should get a data entry job. Clearly, you have no sense of tedium or futility, so you should put that towards something that pays money.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I think James would be better suited to a role in education. He seems to have no compunctions about telling people when/if they've failed, how badly they failed, what a horrible person they are for failing to meet his expectations, and then beating that dead horse until it is a steaming pile of unrecognizable giblets.

    We need that kind of myopic, Draconian work ethic back in the school system.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry, Bob. Karma exists. That why James will, in the immortal words of Patton Oswalt, “miss everything cool and die angry.”


  10. Anonymous says:

    James, you may find Bob arrogant and hypocritical and such, but he doesn't target you and go out of his way to knock you down. So why must you do the same to him??

    You don't like him, you don't like his opinions, I get that. But he's entitled to his opinions, and yes, you are entitled to a response, and you've voiced it. But now it's basically harassment, bullying and it's almost like a creepy obsession.

    You've had your say, now please leave Bob and the people who like his content alone. There's nothing for you to achieve.


  11. Anon1 says:

    You really know how to make an ass of yourself don't you? You come on hear all the time with this whiny “Why aren't you paying attention to me Bob?” attitude. Between comments like this and the one you left when Bob announced he was a member of the Boston Critics thing, you have proved that you are nothing more that a narcissistic, delusional, child. Everything you claim Bob to be, you are guilty of it ten times over. Now I am not saying this because I disagree with your politics, religion, theology or what have you. I am saying this (I just can't think of any other way to put it) suck as a person.


  12. McKinney says:

    Wow. A dose of perspective…actually never helps. Knowing that it could be worse, and that other people do in fact have it worse than you, has never actually helped anyone get over a sulk. It just makes me feel bad for complaining about something so inconsequential, which just compounds with the badness from whatever I was complaining about and leaves me worse off than before.

    What's that? You want a moral along with the rambling? Don't ever get invested in anything. Also, you and your wife will have a long, prosperous life.

    I may have just cribbed those off of a fortune cookie. I'm tired.


  13. Omorka says:

    Traffic + apartment hunting would try the patience of a saint, and that's here in Texas, where the real estate market is – well, it still sucks, but it's slightly less insane. You have my sympathy, not that it helps much.

    Um, better luck with the move?


  14. Anonymous says:

    If it helps, I've had a crappy week too. As much as I hate to admit it moments as frustrating as this are bound to happen no matter what, but on the bright side we usually learn a new backup plan when it's all over.


  15. Darwin says:

    Bob, I want you to read your blog post again, and then realize that everyone one of your complaints would make a great first world problems meme, and then hang yourself.


  16. Anonymous says:

    @Darwin – What the fuck man? Seriously what's wrong with you? Someone's feeling down about having a bad week, and you suggest they hang themselves?

    Are we really that deprived of compassion that we can't empathize with someone who's just feeling a little run down with life? Why do we need to respond with such cynicism and hostility, when a simple 'chin up, it'll get better' will suffice?

    It just makes we wonder if this is just internet behavior, full of immature children living free of consequence, or we actually do live in a world of sociopaths…

    At the very least, it makes me grateful for all the wonderful caring people in my life.


  17. Anonymous says:




  18. biomechanical923 says:

    I feel like everybody except me whines about apartment hunting.

    Can somebody explain why this is such a huge deal?

    My apartment is awesome. 1/2 of a 2 story house in a quiet residential area. $400 per month.


  19. Anonymous says:

    To all the people trotting out the tired 'First World Problems' Meme:

    Appeal to Worse Problems Fallacy:

    Arguing that expressing concern about a (relatively) small problem means that the person doesn't care about any larger problems. A type of Strawman, this fallacy takes the opponent's claim and appends to it the following additional claims:

    1. That it is not possible to care about big and small problems simultaneously.

    2. That venting a minor complaint is sufficient proof that the major problem is considered unimportant.

    3. That if the person irritated over the minor problem did help solve or even cared about the big problems, he would then not mind at all that his car broke down or whatever the frustration was…or because there are people with worse problems, that person shouldn't complain about a frustration.

    The intent is to distort the opponent's claim X into “X, which is far more important than anything else.”



  20. JokerV says:

    For those who have a problem seeing the whole bigger picture let me spill it out for you. Yes, the main rant is about a few things that do seem minor especially when seeing the much bigger scheme of life. Even if he is talking about where to live and having issues with his job, both of which I imagine would be rather important too him especially since he is being employed to give his educated opinion about the films he sees and has a due date to post such opinions every Friday. (which is now today) Otherwise he may be fired. Also if you think these are his only problems I would highly say you're an idiot. He is just ranting on a few minor things to let that frustration out so he can deal with even more important issues that more than likely much more private. Probably dealing with his family, finances, other parts of his career, ect. You know, just a thought.


  21. Redd the Sock says:

    The ultimate punchline to James is that he can't figure out why behaving like an ass doesn't get Bob to re-evaluate his opinions.

    My condolances on the rough patch Bob. It's funny how little annoyances can pile up.


  22. KevinCV says:

    I consider it the lowest of low blows when a person life's been giving them shit, and someone decides to kick 'em while they're working themselves through it as best they can. Congratulations, James. You've crossed over the threshold known as the “Moral Event Horizon”.

    I take back what I said before about you being pleasant compared to the asshats I had to contend with all those years ago. You're now not so different from them AT ALL in my mind. I commend Bob for being as patient with you as he has been, because I don't think I would be able to if I were in his position.

    Anyway, all the best in this tough time, Bob ol' buddy. Don't let the assholes like James bring you down further. Play some Mario, Kirby or something. That always seems to perk me up when I'm down.


  23. Peter S. says:


    I've been lurking in the comments section and Twitter for a while now, watching the “interactions” you've had with Bob and I can safely say that no matter how legitimate your opinions about politics might happen to be, I could seriously give less of a shit if they are at this point because you literally have nothing of value to contribute anymore to this matter. If you had simply disagreed with Bob to the point that you felt he deserved a counter-blog detailing how much you think he sucks (much like BatDan does with Irate Gamer) then I'd be slightly more inclined to take whatever positions you have seriously, but in choosing to be an asshat at a time when a random series of unfortunate events put Bob's job in jeopardy you've finally gone too far to the other end of the spectrum and your opinion (in my eyes anyways) is officially now worth less than nothing. People have told you numerous times to start your own blog and stop harassing Bob on HIS blog with childish, insulting comments that are all just variations on the same fucking point, but you've insisted on stalking and harassing him to the point that you've actually asked Jim Sterling on Twitter to HARASS BOB FOR YOU because he won't pay attention to you anymore (also, you've stated on Twitter you enjoy harassing people you disagree with which is a pretty shitty thing to be proud of).

    You aren't thoughtful, you aren't insightful, you aren't trying to incite any kind of intelligent debate and you are certainly no better than you've claimed Bob to be. You're just a mean-spirited bully with a messiah complex and don't bother saying that Bob is no better because no matter how you try to justify it, that's simply not true. At the very least Bob takes the time to carefully word his opinions and even if you don't agree with him, he at least provides food for thought that can spark debate and doesn't immediately resort to ad hominem attacks or repeat the same criticism ad nauseam. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't always agree with Bob, but even when I happen to strongly disagree with him on a given subject, I still listen to what he has to say because at the very least, he sounds like he's at least done his homework on the subject. You, on the other hand continually push the same fucking argument forward and refuse to take Gary Johnson's dick out of your mouth unless it's to talk about how much you hate Bob. If you provide a link to ANYTHING political, I can personally assure you that I will then make a point of never reading it because I've had enough of your arrogance and how you've attempted to make yourself look superior by being a giant, petulant, utterly annoying child. Bob has said that you're no longer welcome on this blog and unless I'm severely mistaken, even the people who disagree with him are sick of your shit as well. Time to take the hint and focus your energy somewhere else.

    tl;dr Pretty sure I just gave James exactly what he wanted, but I needed to get that out of my system.

    P.S. Hope things look up for you Bob, hang in there ^_^ b


  24. Zeno says:

    The only advice I can give to Bob is this:

    install gentoo

    Just kidding. Open Genera is and always will be the best operating system ever.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Y'know, James is a perfect example of what another, better James- James Portnow of Extra Credits- was describing in his episode on 'Harassment'.

    To misquote BetterJames: people do these sorts of things because something in their life has gone incredibly wrong. It's the same reason people get on /b/ and scream about other races or Bronies or whatever. Something has gone wrong in their life and the only way they know how to cope with it is spewing bile in a place with no social consequences.

    To other James, I have just one thing to say: I am going to love and tolerate the SHIT out of you.


  26. toosoo says:

    Bob, I'm a big fan of your work. I just want you to know that Life does indeed suck, sometimes it sucks for a long time, but every once in a while there are those great things that come around that just make you happy to be alive and to be living in such a world that would create them. Now there will be people that Hate your opinions and some of your(or mine for that matter, or their)opinions maybe the wrong ones, but as long as you take those few annoyances in stride no one will bring you down. I know at least a few times you have made me think “huh, I never thought it about it that way” or I have completely disagreed with you and I would miss that if you suddenly stopped all that you did.

    and if thats too long to read then here's the abridged version

    bob some people/things are A holes, and you are AWSOME >< (also to the first world problems thing,I'll paraphrase jim stirling,being poor and homeless in america might mean that your richer or better off than in other parts of the world ,but your still poor and homeless in america and cant pay for stuff.)


  27. Nathan Lickliter says:

    Bob, I'm also a huge fan of your work and while I can't put some money in the tip jar because of my own financial insecurity, I want you to know that I would if I could.

    However, that's not why I'm posting. I wanted to give you a bit of advice that helps me when I'm frustrated/mad/depressed with life. Fire up and watch your “Beyond Better” video. I realize that it deals with the whole It Gets Better project from Mr. Savage. But thematically, the notion that whatever is troubling you is only temporary and will someday be gone is rather comforting.

    It always seems to help me, at least.

    At any rate, I hope you did, finally, get to see that pre-screen and good luck with your new apartment!

    Til next time,



  28. Laserkid says:

    While Jame's comment is gone, given the reactions I've seen I see he's still being childishly silly, I'm sorry about him bob. I may oftebn agree with his viewpoints and not yours, but I certainl;y don't agree with how he behaves, and I feel that its important for that to be said.

    To life in general – damn man, that all sucks and I'm sorry thats happened, I've been through rough times lately myself (last year in particular, though nothing compared to my worst year of life in 2005), take comfort that the bad times will end and good times will come. I find life to be cyclical, good times are impossible to hold onto forever – but converesley bad times are impossible to keep around forever either. Just keep truckingm, work hard and know that your fans have got your back, and know that in the end everythign will be alright.

    Though you've said thisw nas not t obe for money grabbing purposes, I think the reaction shows just how much your fansa have got your back. I'd donate myself if I wasn't in a financial shithole at the moment, and I hope things turn around for ya. 🙂

    As to the whole where's God when shitty things happen thing? In a world of free choice shitty things can happen, but I find a little bit of God uin the good that often comes in response. In this case, your fans lvoingly tried to helpn you financially. In an extreme example, after 9/11 happened I tried to donate blood but COUDLNT get in because of how long the line was. Goodness does happen in response to the bad, and to ME thats the hand of God moving through humanity – I could be completely wrong of course – thats just my view on it


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