Escape to the Movies: "Prometheus"

Note: I just wanted to publically thank Justin Clouse at The Escapist, who jumped in and helped finish this episode (re: assembling all of the audio/video files into a cohesive finished product) when my equipment went to shit with very little notice and only my own “unique” interpretation of editing-“plans” to work from. Guy did a bang-up job, in my estimation, and I’m just incredibly sincerely thankful.

Anyway! SPOILER WARNING on “Prometheus.”

Intermission responds to Sasha Stone re: The Avengers and The Oscars.

53 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Prometheus"

  1. Bolongo says:

    Sigh, I really didn't want to get into this again….

    But Nicholas is right about one thing: the Prometheus myth isn't so much about life itself, but about sentient life. The fire represents tool use, thought, culture and civilisation.

    However, IMHO the movie does a piss-poor job of actually bringing about any interesting discussion of this topic. The characters all have goals or questions that are short-sighted, selfish and/or childish, and none of them are really challenged about it. (David's needling of the drunk archeologist seems like it might be going somewhere, but ultimately fizzles.)

    The rabid apologist might say: well that's the point of the movie, that we should realize that these people are misguided. I don't buy it. There is no hint within the movie that this is the message. I don't need all stories to be overtly didactic, but the teller should at least give us a clue what he's aiming for.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Saw this a week ago and I've found myself doing something I rarely do with movies: seek out answers to questions posed in the movie after the fact.

    Love it or hate it this movie is generating a lot of conversation one way or another… As my trusted resident all-things-movies-guy I'd like to hear some more from Bob on this topic…


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