So… after three whole days of nothing chaotic or awful happening in my life; today I was in a car accident. Not a serious one – just a fender-bender. No injuries, no legal stuff, damage only (appears) superficial, etc; but a nice reminder from The Universe that there seems to either be no great transcendant force looking out for you OR that there is a great transcendant force and it doesn’t like you very much. After all, what could be a nicer thing to have than car repair bills while you’re in the process of moving-into and furnishing an apartment, right?

Egh. I know, I know – could be MUCH worse, could’ve gotten hurt, someone else could’ve gotten hurt, etc; but still… not what I needed, on top of everything else.

In any case, if you don’t see “The Big Picture” go up on this blog at the usual time (it should be up on The Escapist as regularly-scheduled, though) tomorrow; that’s why: After spending (probably) all morning dealing with automotive business I’ll be out all day doing two preview-screenings – one is based on one of my all-time favorite fictional characters, the other is a crude lowbrow comedy seemingly built around a single joke, and my anticipation of them could not be more reversed from where you’d generally expect them to be. Joy.

8 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Anonymous says:

    Know your pain, Bob.

    Driving back to work from lunch, all of a sudden my Neon dies. 35 MPH, hurk, dead.

    Take it to the mechanic, and lo and behold: the timing belt came apart and SOMEhow bent some valves.

    Total cost to repair: 13-1500, estimated.

    The only comfort I can take is that there is no guiding force. If there was, that would imply I deserve the bad things that happen in my life. :V


  2. ANImaniac says:

    Did you ever stop to think that (at least at this point) the reason this kinda shit keeps happening to you is because of the fact that every time you stub you toe you fucking clench your fists and yell out “GOD” like fucking Kirk from Wrath of Khan?

    And no I'm not making light of a tragic family death. But come on every single time in the last few weeks/months that something has gone wrong for you the first thing you do is hop on the interwebs and spew the same childishly nihilistic “THERE IS NO GOD” speech. Grow the fuck up man, you CAN'T Blame your problems on a God that you have stated MANY MANY MANY Fucking times that YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN. I mean you expect to go on the internet and tell people how religious belief is stupid and outdated and that we should be worshiping the so called “Nerd Gods” and yet you still expect to be protected?


  3. Fallen Angel says:


    Lay off, huh? The guy's gone through a pretty rough patch lately, and I for one think it's perfectly justified.

    I've gone through shit like that myself, and lemme tell you: there comes a point when you just start questioning everything, that you've had enough, that there's either some higher force that is conspiring against you, or that said higher force cannot exist if reality is this shitty. So don't trivialise – besides, isn't it kind of human nature that we like to blame our problems on everything else but ourselves? I've done it, you've done it, we've all done it one point or another.


  4. Razmere says:

    You having a real rough patch in your life doesn't disprove the existence of a higher power in the universe. Think of this as just a hard trial you have to grit your teeth and power past it.

    One is not great by what they are given, but by what they overcome.

    You'll get past this Bob. I believe in you.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with ANImaniac.

    You can't use every personal tragedy as some sort of “proof” that God doesn't exist.

    I mean unless you're also thinking every spot of good luck is “proof” the universe loves you and is conspiring to aid you.


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