Is "Robot & Frank" The Next Great Indie Scifi Movie?

If “Wall-E” and “Up” made a baby and decided to raise it live-action, it would probably look a lot like “Robot & Frank;” which is amazingly NOT based on some forgotten/loosely-reworked Isaac Asimov story. Set in the near future, Frank Langella stars as an elderly man whose concerned kids buy him a )very Asimo-looking) caretaker robot; whose is programmed not only to protect and help him physically but also nudge him into psychologically-beneficial hobbies. Complicating matters is the fact that Frank’s pre-retirement career was master jewel-thief; and when the opportunity to pull a heist on some obnoxious young riches, Robot becomes Frank’s protege’ for one last job.

This. Looks. AWESOME.

7 thoughts on “Is "Robot & Frank" The Next Great Indie Scifi Movie?

  1. KevinCV says:

    First of all, is it just me or have James Marsden and Frank Langella been working together in a lot of movies since “Superman Returns”?

    Secondly, I'm definitely interested in seeing this. Looks like it'll be a fun movie. 🙂


  2. Timothy says:

    According to IMDb, Langella and Marsden worked together in 'Superman Returns', 'The Box' (the Richard Kelly film), and this. Unless you want to also count an episode of 'HBO First Look' and a documentary about 'Superman Returns'.


  3. KevinCV says:

    @Timothy Ah, okay. I haven't been on IMDB in awhile. I just feel that since “Superman Returns”, Marsden and Lengella seem to like working on the same movies. They must've become really good friends or something. Thanks for setting me straight.


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