This Happened

Something to keep in mind the next time your thinking that this or that movie/story/whatever is just about the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard – the following actual panel from “Batman: A Death In The Family”:

17 thoughts on “This Happened

  1. Hiker says:

    Also worth noting: This happened IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Joker killed Robin. Seriously. They went depicting the brutal death of Jason Todd's Robin, right into THIS.

    So yeah, perspective, she is important.


  2. TheAlmightyNarf says:

    See, the worst part is that I can almost see how that might actually work with recent works treating the Joker as an analogy for terrorism (I have no doubt he and Ahmadinejad would get along just fine, depending on what version of the Joker we're talking about). However, I can't imagine DC writers actually putting that much thought into it and it most likely comes off as being exactly as stupid and juvenile as it looks.


  3. Taylor says:

    Actually AlmightNarf, I will argue with that and say this is totally out of character. Because, as the Joker explained to Red Skull in the Batman/Captain America crossover, he may be a Criminal Lunatic, but he is an AMERICAN Criminal Lunatic.


    I actually will wonder if Bob remembers this the next time he posts that something is clearly full of extremely offensive undertones…


  4. TheAlmightyNarf says:

    @ Taylor

    Again, it depends on what variation of the Joker we're talking about… and he's gone through many. I don't think nationalism is really specific trait to the character.

    Besides, who's says the Joker has any actual loyalty to Iran is this case? A story could theoretically get really cloak & dagger going down those lines.

    (I suppose it's worth noting that I know absolutely nothing the series that this comic comes from and am just looking at that specific panel with out any of it's original context, imagining what context it could possibly have worked in.)


  5. Andrew says:

    All I can think of when I see that panel is back in the WWF days of yore when they inexplicably made Sgt. Slaughter into a vocal Iraqi patriot. And just in time for the Gulf War, too!

    “You'll never go broke appealing to the lowest common denominator” – Lisa Simpson


  6. Anonymous says:


    It's from 1988 (post-original Crisis) and everybody knows DC will roll back the universe after they've gauged what changes should stick.


  7. adminsmithee says:

    If i remember correctly it was a trick by the joker to attack the UN.
    He tricked the Iranian government to make him ambassador so he got Diplomatic Immunity so batman or the police couldn't touch him.


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