Bandwagon, I Am Has Jumped On You

So… Clint Eastwood is this weekend’s big social-media punching bag. Unfortunate, but what can ya do? Other than join in with one’s own contribution, I mean:

Text free version after the jump, for all you meme-generating folks. Have at it.

12 thoughts on “Bandwagon, I Am Has Jumped On You

  1. Cyrus says:

    @Rarer Monsters: Frank Miller made The Dark Knight Returns, does that mean I have to believe that all women are at heart hookers and gays are icky?

    Although in fairness, I still respect Eastwood a hell of a lot more than Miller.


  2. Timothy says:

    It's the title character from the 1977 Disney movie 'Pete's Dragon'. The dragon had the power to turn invisible, and generally would not reveal himself when anybody other than Pete was around.


  3. Megabyte says:

    @Sssonic: No one needs make that up. The numbers coming back from Florida say it was.

    And while on it, Obama validated it via twitter.

    Done… regardless of what anyone else thinks of it, the guy who it was an attack on gave it value by not only recognizing, but REACTING to it… and the numbers say it was successful.

    And fair note, having not seen it, I can't judge it myself… only the reactions to it.


  4. Joe says:

    @Megabyte: Well, it successfully distracted everyone from Romney. I couldn't even tell you what the RNC candidate said at the convention where his party confirmed him as their nominee for president.


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