Man Lynches Chair in Texas

I’m inclined to believe (at least partially) Clint Eastwood when he says that his surreal performance at the Republican Convention was mostly him fucking around at the expense of both the President and the people “dumb enough” to invite him to their convention. Okay, fine.
That said, his “Invisible Obama” sketch has, intentionally or not, given Republicans a new racist effigy it can use to get it’s point across i.e. rage at the Scary Black Man in the White House and long, long, long overdue un-bleaching of America he represents to them.
And, sad to say… yeah, this shit does probably get to be part of Eastwood’s legacy now – live by The Right, fall by The Right.

21 thoughts on “Man Lynches Chair in Texas

  1. Lido says:

    these feels like a monty python skit gone horribly wrong, like this is the part where we cut to a horde of chairs protesting this and marching on Washington in Terry Gilliam animation


  2. Megabyte says:

    1) Since when is a reasonable news source? Seriously, if you dont want to have one obvious extreme taken seriously, you might want to not take the other one so much…

    ….just sayin…

    and 2) Can we stop calling new words racist? Seriously? I feel like it's the answer the left has for everything these days. If you want it to mean something, stop tagging the word to literally everything. (For god sake a month ago it was put to the word “Monday” seriously, and now you yourself are putting it to Chair based on one man being stupid… this needs to stop.)


  3. Benfea says:

    Wait. Stop right there, Bob. You can't accuse that man of being racist just because he lynched the president in effigy. You can't because uh… because… REVERSE RACISM! POLITICAL CURRECTNESS! RACE CARD! STOP OPPRESSING WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    Uhm. I'm sorry. What was I saying?


  4. The Saarai'ari says:

    @Fake James and @lordoffacepalm: Also forgot, “hypocrite, schmpocrite, limpocrite, sheep, jeep, meep, peep, fascist, mashist, crapshist, playing Godwin's law card in the form of Bush/Romeny were for this, Obama was for it, therefore Obama somehow same though he isn't.” *Sounds of a broken record over and over again.*

    Anyways, back to topic…

    Hopefully someday after this year's election,Clint Eastwood will do the right thing and say what he did at the RNC convention was pinheaded of him.


  5. garwulf says:

    Channeling Bill Maher…

    New rule: Republican racists have to realize that ventriloquist acts by aging actors don't make good effigies.

    This doesn't say “I hate Obama” – it says “The kitchen table gets it next!”


  6. Zeno says:


    I see the error of my ways. I'll never laugh at something that is politically controversial ever again. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.


  7. Smpoza says:

    Yeah, you're right. Clearly advocating the execution of a democratically elected leader (specifically, in a way that has been used historically by mobs to kill people of his race) is hilarious.


  8. Zeno says:


    So hanging someone who doesn't hold political office is better?

    If violence wasn't a laughing matter nobody should ever joke about politics.


  9. David says:

    Whoa whoa, Bob, you drive the race car? Really? I thought only stupid people like The Amazing Atheist actually believe in that crap.

    On another subject, what would you consider the absolutely essential RPGs, that anyone getting into designing them should play and study?


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