Kid Rock and Sean Penn Have a Message For You

Below, “Americans,” a PSA short-film pleading for political cooperation courtesy the two most unlikable celebrity spokespersons imaginable… and also, possibly, one of the most embarassing things ever committed to film by humans to date:

16 thoughts on “Kid Rock and Sean Penn Have a Message For You

  1. Lido says:

    this exists? I mean people unironically threw money at this and thought “yeah THIS is a good cause” I mean people are doing cancer research and habitat for humanity but no instead of any of those causes we get someone chose to throw money at this waste of time. I do love that “Whale Saver” is an insult, I don't really think that works as an insult, it's like trying to insult someone by saying their an “dog lover” also why was the peace maker stereotypical Jamaican girl?


  2. Lido says:

    oh god it just doesn't end I”m sorry to post again but it just won't stop, and ya know for something that was meant for “political tolerance” this does seem very pro-democratic, like none of Chris Rock's points or ideas are ever shown positive just his white trash ticks like drinking beer and nas car


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry bob, Your Game Overthinker episode 50 will always be the most embarrassing thing ever committed to film.

    Also, Sean Penn fucked The Black Widow, your argument will always be invalid.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember, he fucked her, not make love to her, and after he was done, he kicked her out into the cold rain where her tears/wetness for Sean would be hidden.


  5. The Bagwellian says:

    That's it, I'm out. I mean, I don't know about the rest of it but you lost me at “vodka rocks, hold the rocks.” Just say “neat.” Is that so hard? You can still do it in a gravelly voice dripping with ennui if that's your thing.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I know why Bob hates this – he despises the idea of people with differing viewpoints actually working together instead of seeing who he considers to be “right” crush and belittle the person he considers “wrong”.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Bob, You are the biggest hack on the internet.
    The one who makes those embarrassing AVGN style skits.
    You have no right to complain about other people's videos.


  8. Terrence Edwards says:

    I like the other message in this movie:

    Kid Rock learns to embrace environmentalism and tolerance for gender/homosexual equality and Sean Penn celebrates Nascar (note: he never actually watches it) and drinking beer straight from the bottle.

    Seriously, imagine if they were truly walking the line and sharing values–instead protesting the marriage or walking into a classroom handing out Bibles?


  9. Link_Shady says:

    I'm a little country,
    and I'm a little Rock and Roll

    The point of the video is that no matter how much of a douchbag kid rick and sean penn are, there' s always a jamaican (or any other minority) who is way worse¡?


  10. BJames says:

    that was hilariously bad, message is great and all that bla bla bla, but the video is so corny and over acted it distracts from whatever the message was. I half expected America Fuck yeah to start playing.


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