"Ghostbusters 3" is Happening, Because Nobody Learns Anything

Dank Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman have been trying to get “Ghostbusters 3” happening for so long that Generation X has already gone through the anticipation, denial, acceptance and “over it” stages of the “let’s sequelize everything we always wanted another of in the 80s!” mini-mania during the entirety of its “planning.”

But, whatever – it looks like it’s finally really happening. For years, the hold-up was trying to convince the original cast (well, okay, trying to convince Bill Murray) to star again; but now that it doesn’t look like that’s happening it seems they’ll be going with the pitch everyone kind of assumed they’d be starting from when they first started talking about this is in the late-90s: A new crop of young comic-actors being handed the mantle, with the originals in support roles (so, a live-action “Extreme Ghostbusters,” basically.)

I’d honestly be surprised if they didn’t find a way to get Murray back in at least some form – he’s not exactly known for consistent behavior, and he’s put the uniform back on at least twice recently for jokey cameo appearances; so if they could find a way to fit him in that only required a few hours of work and could be shot on his schedule (read: whenever he feels like doing it, wherever he feels like doing it, if he feels like doing it) I’d call it plausible. FWIW, certain early drafts of the screenplay supposedly featured Peter Venkeman returning only in a brief cameo… as a ghost.

But, yeah… apparently we’ve got to deal with this now. Fine.

9 thoughts on “"Ghostbusters 3" is Happening, Because Nobody Learns Anything

  1. Kyle says:

    The recent Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the current console generation was a FANTASTIC sequel to the two movies. It brought so much from the original movies and wove a great story, tying things together in a really satisfying way. Play through it on Easy for the story, or on Normal or Hard if you love a challenge (frustration).


  2. Jwillx70 says:

    “Extreme Ghostbusters” was an awesome show. There were some genuinely creepy episodes in its run. I doubt that the movie will be as creepy, because its a comedy, but I am stoked at the idea non the less. Do have and ideal cast list for the younger generation Bob?


  3. StrongStyleFiction says:

    The game they came out with a few years ago was enough of a Ghostbusters 3 for me. It was fun trip down memory lane, tied in a bunch of stuff into a greater mythology and had some solid laughs in there. I'd rather them make another game than this.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Extreme Ghostbusters was pretty well done for a “SATAM” style cartoon. The one place where it was lacking was in changing the style of the equipment.

    The “old school” proton pack and ecto-1 were pretty iconic, and the show was a little bit too late to try riding in on the 90's “rad-itude” coat tails of every character being snarky teenagers.


  5. Redd the Sock says:

    I'm actually less upset by the existence of this than the loss of another “it'll never actually happen” project to make fun of. There was a lot more fun in going “yeah right” at new Indy 4 or Duke Nukem Forever promises than the actual products were.

    One the one hand, the original cast would make for a funny Space Cowboys like film, but I understand going for new talent. Sadly, given my comedic taste versus more of America's this will probably be a film full of guys I don't find funny.


  6. Mads says:

    another extreme ghostbusters fan here.

    Maybe it's because I was just the right age, but that show ranked higher than batman : TAS did, to me. I didn't have that much of a sense of quality though – the 90es spiderman cartoon by the guys who did x-men as well was another one I really enjoyed. It introduced me to the idea of crossovers without my even realizing it.

    But yeah, extreme ghostbusters was legit. A movie based on that concept can absolutely work – the big fear I have is that they try to make it too much like the original movies (which I feel was the failing of indiana jones 4 – the old movies have a lot of silly moments nostalgic audiences wouldn't accept in the the one)…

    Now, whether it'll actually work – eh…probably too much that can go wrong with this one for it to somehow go right.


  7. Joe says:

    I was too old to be the target audience of Extreme Ghostbusters, and it didn't really have the older teen/young adult crossover appeal that Batman:TAS did. But I did like the handful of episodes I managed to catch.

    If they manage to pull off a sequel with current comic actors like 21 Jump Street did, this could be great.


  8. Chris Wyatt says:

    I remember hearing in 2008 that the film was finally moving forward after being in development hell since the second movie, and then I couldn't have been more excited. Now with all the conflicting stories, rumors of Bill Murray changing his mind left and right, plus the whole “passing the torch” storyline… it's kind of killed my enthusiasm.

    While there's still a small part of me that would scream with glee at the mere thought of another Ghostbusters flick, I honestly can't see this working out. As much respect as I have for Dan Aykroyd (and believe me I do), the guy hasn't exactly been producing that many quality products as of late. And while I have no doubt that he has nothing but respect for this property, his recent track record isn't exactly giving me much confidence.

    With all that said, there's been so many rumors and stories about this movie that have ended up being debunked… we probably shouldn't worry until we actually see some footage or concrete evidence that the movie is production.


  9. Megabyte says:

    …Im ok with this… but it would be awesome if they gave the game a nod as the actual part 3 (and SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    Let this be the franchise your character starts in another city for them at the end of the game)


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