Holy. Fucking. Shit.

“Iron Man 3’s” first trailer is, without a doubt, the most immediately excellent “debut” trailer a Marvel movie has ever had – dramatic, big, good sense of story and a sense that they fully “get” that this thing has to live-up to “Avengers,” not just trump the first two. Get watching, kids:

I’ll probably write more in depth about this later, but for now the main things jumping out at me are that The Mandarin DOES seem to be wearing the Ten Rings of Power and that I’ll be curious to see what mainstream audiences make of the “Iron Patriot” armor (which apparently appears here as the new publicity-friendly paint job for War Machine – which I kinda dig.)

But, mainly… holy shit, THE MANDARIN in a live-action movie. Never thought I’d actually see that.

23 thoughts on “"IRON MAN 3" FULL TRAILER

  1. Lido says:

    you know Bob people are gonna be jumping down your throat about endorsing this movies “darkness” over the darkness of say Casino Royale or Dark Knight Rises, personally I think they're missing the point that this movie seems to still be keeping the big comic book ideas of the first 2 like 10 rings of power, white/gold super suits etc. but just proves it can be done with a serious edge


  2. Cyrus says:

    Since trailers have become way too explicit with regard to plot, I really dig that they are just setting up the crisis, leaving Tony's inevitable comeback for … hopefully the movie, not trailer 2 or 3.


  3. KevinCV says:

    Damn… I was already pretty giddy about this film to begin with, but this has me practically frothing at the mouth!

    Especially love the look they've gone for with the Mandarin. I also liked his line “Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson #1: Heroes,. There's no such thing.” Really sums up his agenda in this movie. Can't wait to see what Ben Kingsley does with him! 🙂


  4. R says:

    Would love it if the final battle between Iron Man and the Mandarin began with a sucker-punch energy blast from one of those rings, catching the unsuspecting Stark off guard. Looking forward to seeing him take on a foe who can match him intellectually and in combat (Whiplash and Stane were good, but they're not Mandarin good).

    This is a kickass trailer all in all. Should get the hype machine going nicely


  5. Huntaur says:

    Holy crap are they pulling elements from that creepy sentient armor story they did a few years ago? If that Shot of him with the armor over him when he woke up is just a dream I'm going to be pissed. It would be cool if the armor itself saves him when his house is attacked. Also I was really looking forward to them using elements of the extremis storyline. I hope they still are. Also would be a powerful moment if Pepper is killed in that house attack because the armor can only save Tony


  6. Angry Man says:

    I don't understand what's so spectacular about this trailer. It looks like the standard action/super hero movie deal to me.
    Will be interested to see how they make the Mandarin not be terribly racist. I guess casting Ben Kingsly as him is a first step, although that also brings up the “why couldn't you find an asian actor for an asian character” question.


  7. Pat says:

    @Angry Man

    I'm reasonably certain that the Mandarin will not end up being racist specifically because of the large amount of financial and creative support this film has gotten from China. If those investors considered the character racist, I doubt they would still be supporting the film.

    I'm guessing that either he's never called the Mandarin (much like how Iron Monger and Whiplash were never referred to by their comic names) or the name is given a non-ethnic explanation.


  8. Anonymous says:

    @Pat Actually, the guy did refer to himself as an Iron Monger at one point during the movie.

    @Anonymous It's a repainted War Machine.


  9. Brick says:

    Great trailer, although are we really sure that's supposed to be The Mandarin's voice in that little voice over, couldn't it be Guy Pearce's character? I haven't seen enough Ben Kingsley movies to recognize his voice though. I'm not even sure how I feel about Kingsley being The Mandarin though, I mean why not get a well known Chinese actor, like Chow Yun Fat for example, to play him? How exactly could the character be seen as racist or whatever if you handle it right, I mean even with the name, have it be more of a title, like Nick Fury comes in and says something along the lines of, “We don't know much about him at all. All we do know is that he is incredibly resourceful, and is of Chinese decent. That's about it. We have no real name, no birth records, no family, nothing. Not many people have even seen him in person. To some he came to simply be referred to as The Mandarin”.

    I also wonder if maybe they'll finally bring in Tony's alcoholism.

    Definitely pumped for this, and to see how Phase 2 begins.


  10. Steven says:

    I honestly expect a lot of “why aren't the other avengers helping Ironman?” from the general movie going public when this comes out and if that will negatively impact word of mouth.


  11. MovieBob says:


    Short version: They shot a bunch of the film in China, with Chinese government backing for the production costs, and a good way to not get The People's Republic to cooperate with you (or even release your movie, in some cases) is to have a Chinese character be a bad guy opposite a Western hero. So he's something else, instead.


  12. StephenM3 says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they've given him a new name, and even a modified backstory. That is, it's not “actually” the Mandarin, but a character heavily based on the Mandarin. Keep the good stuff, throw out the bad, remix and add to what's left to fit the movie.


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