As ever, there are two kinds of people in the world: Thinkers and believers.

I just watched the head of The National Rifle Association – one of the most powerful and influential corporate lobbying groups (though they play at being a citizen’s rights outfit for gun owners, of course) in the United States – hold a press conference to say, effectively: Guns don’t kill people, video-games and Hollywood kill people.

The depressing amusement of the head of The NRA calling anything else a “shadow industry” aside, I’m actually grateful for this kind of public insanity. One thing Mr. LaPierre and I have in common is that we’re both fans of clarity – he likes to talk about “good guys with guns” vs “bad guys with guns;” and I like seeing him (a bad guy with guns) come out so strongly in favor of game/movie/etc censorship, because it helps unmuddy the waters: Weak-willed so-called “progressives” who might otherwise have been willing to give ground on “violent” media (instead of keeping the debate laser-focused on the gun lobby, where it belongs) will hopefully be less so when they see it means agreeing with the distraction-tactics of LaPierre and his ilk.

So, this is to be a (political) fight, then. Games, films, entertainers, artists and the people who value them… versus The Right-Wing Gun Lobby. Good. Let’s have it, then.

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