Hate & Fear

As ever, there are essentially two kinds of people in the world: Thinkers and Believers. This is a truth, and one that has little to nothing to do with religion, spirituality, education or lack thereof. It’s a simple boiling-down of how one ultimately chooses to approach the world: Through a prism of logic, reason and rationality… or through the other thing.

Below, a YouTube piece that’s been making the rounds courtesy the charmingly-named “MIke Hunt” that intercuts the “Demand A Plan” video – in which various celebrities stumped for new gun legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre – with scenes of the various celebrities appearing participating in movie/TV scenes where they use guns. This is meant to be an “ironic” (the #2 word that both The Internet and American Conservatives tend to not know the actual definition of) exposure of “hypocrisy” (that, of course, would be the #1 word) on behalf of those appearing; because apparently Mr. Hunt occupies a dimension where the laws of physics differ such that fiction and reality are equivalent in some meaningful way…

It ends, as you may expect, on another declaration about the “Culture of Violence” – the shameless buzzword of the moment propped up by The Right and The NRA to be parroted by their willing sheep in the hopes of deflecting the issue from real guns to imaginary movies, books and video-games:

I am, as I’ve said before, a supporter of both sensible, reasonable gun laws (more reasonable than the ones we have, to start with) but also of the right to gun ownership by sensible, reasonable people; largely on the basis of logic and pragmatism but also because a good number of my friends and relatives are gun owners (I myself am certified but do not have a license or own a gun) and so I have what I feel is proper perspective on the matter.

That having been said… THIS bullshit (here’s some folks on a “mainstream” website gleefully fantasizing about “armed resistance” against, well… guess) is getting to the point where I feel like I could see myself supporting a so-called “assault weapons ban” or somesuch just on the basis of getting to watch these bastards sob impotently into their Chik-fil-A. Is it really possible that I share a basic DNA profile with these people? And that there’s nothing I can do about that?

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