"Warcraft" Movie Lands Duncan Jones

The Hollywood Reporter – er… reports that director Duncan Jones, late of “Moon” and “Source Code” has landed the hypothetically coveted job of helming Legendary Pictures “Warcraft” movie; which is apparently still happening despite the property’s pop-culture ubiquity seeming to have peaked a couple of years ago.

In related news: Nerds? You are now out of excuses to have not already seen “Moon” and “Source Code.”

Good news for Jones, in any case, whose worked hard and definitely deserves the cache that’ll come from helming a likely-successful blockbuster; but forgive me if I’m not jumping over the moon. I’m just not really seeing what a “Warcraft” movie can realistically offer beyond being a “LOTR” riff with a more D&D-inspired aesthetic. Fodder to make a good movie, certainly (particularly with a great filmmaker onboard) but “Warcraft” is more beloved for its gameplay and depth/granulaity – not its story or even really its visuals.

Honestly? THIS is the franchise I’d like to see jump in front of the “ordinary person zapped into gameworld” bullet that you ONE game-adaptation is going to have to take at some point. Let’s get real: The ONLY reason “Warcraft” is worth spending $100 million+ on making a movie is because “WORLD OF Warcraft” blew up into a huge mainstream phenomenon – hence why that one “South Park” episode is probably the best narrative thing ever associated with the franchise – and it did so because of the “take a break from work/life and ADVENTURE!” aspect of the MMO. If your trying to put the “Warcraft Experience” onscreen… that’s kinda IT in my estimation.

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