Marvel Teases "Phase 2"

The Marvel Studios “Phase One DVD Set” that had been delayed is now finding it’s way to consumers, and pretty-much every news site is running some variation of reports on the Phase TWO preview materials that came packaged therein. HitFix, in particular, has some good scans up plus a vid (for now anyway) of the video-featurette portion. Take a look:

WARNING: At least one slice of concept-art may or may not show either a certain previously-established character fighting alongside The Guardians of The Galaxy OR one of the Guardians dropping in on someone else’s movie. Whichever it is, some might consider it a possible spoiler.

The video is heavy on “Iron Man 3,” which is to be expected, but for me the big “cool!” of this is that it offers the first non-bootleg look at the “test-footage” for Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” movie that ran at SDCC last year. I’ve only seen the footage once before at low-quality, so anyone who knows better feel free to correct me, but it looks like there’ve been some CGI improvements to the size-changing effects and the overall design of Ant-Man’s costume/helmet since the initial version. If so, that supports what many (myself included) have been saying all along: That cheapskate Marvel wouldn’t pay for finished-CG “test footage” if they weren’t planning to repurpose it as a post-credits tease in some near-future movie.

Also included (in the video and in the various image galleries are first-looks (primarily in the form of concept-art, but those proved pretty reliable in the past) at The Winter Soldier and Falcon from “Captain America 2.” and some BTS footage from “Thor: The Dark World.” Not loving that Falcon looks to have been outfitted with dull black duds a’la Hawkeye (c’mon Marvel, not only is that era done with – you stuck the fork in it) but he does have his wings, which is the important part. Winter Soldier has his robot-arm, but it also looks like they’ve given him a bottom-face mask to conceal his identity from mainstream audiences who don’t know who/what he is yet (I wonder how that reveal will “play” in the absence of 40+ years of buildup.)

Rounding things out are an expanded look at “Guardians of The Galaxy,” aka “Yeah, we’re really gonna do this;” confirming once more that Disney/Marvel really seriously is going to drop a talking, gun-toting Space Raccoon into their billion dollar Movie Universe just because they can.

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