"Carrie" Re-Make Full Trailer

The buzz on the “Carrie” remake was that it’s not very good, which may or may not be responsible for it getting bounced to mid-Fall; but you can’t always trust those sorts of things. Anyway, now it’s got a full trailer which aims to help get everybody who never saw the original classic get on the same page with those who did by giving away the entire story in two minutes…


Well… it’s “Carrie” alright. Obviously can’t hope to touch the original DePalma film, one of the all-time great horror flicks, but it’ll be interesting to see the story (summary: abused/bullied teen has telekinesis, everybody pays) played out with characters who look more convincingly like high-schoolers.

Re-staging the car-flip as a slo-mo/bullet-time CGI gag is depressingly innevitable, though it should be fun to see whether they go even further on Carrie’s mother’s Christian zealotry (an edgy move for the late-70s) or dial it back for fear of pissing off Flyover audiences; and I wonder if there’ll be pressure to tone down the ambiguity of the original finale (yeah, it’s supposed to ALSO be Carrie flipping to the Dark Side… but most of her class more-or-less had it coming by that point) now that “misunderstood kid on a rampage” is more of a ‘thing’ in the popular-consciousness…

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