I’m going to assume that you, dear reader, are among the majority of people who did not bother to watch (or even hear about) “The Impossible” earlier this year; a spectacularly awful disaster-melodrama about how a tsunami briefly interupts a middle-class white family’s vacation – killing thousands, but these people got out okay and learned something about themselves so it all works out. Blegh.

Nicolas Lopez’s “Aftershock,” a survival-horror flick set amid the Chilean Earthquake and guest-starring producer Eli Roth, looks like the exploitation-movie response to that sort of thing. The premise: A bunch of vacationing douchebags get caught up in the quake and try to survive in the aftermath… survival being complicated not only by the destruction and total social breakdown, but by a collapsed prison having released a slew of bloodthirsty felons into the streets with them. 
Obvious vicarious thrill in watching archetypal asshole bros perish horribly, the buzz on this one is that it’s some real-deal hard stuff – good old-fashioned “all humans are animals just waiting for the excuse to act like it” nastiness. Color me psyched.

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