Ma vie en rose

Huh. Well, this will be interesting.

The Hub, which is still looking for an original kids’ series that people will watch other than “Friendship is Magic,” thinks it’s found a winner in an Australian animated series called “Shezow.” I hadn’t heard of it until the (week old) trailer for it’s U.S. premier started making the rounds, but the premise is interesting: The (magical) mantle of a female superhero with decidedly female-gendered accoutremants (sparkly miniskirted costume, Barbie-esque pink car, etc) is accidentally passed to a teenaged boy.
Okay, so it’s kind of a single-joke premise parody wise re: male superhero uniforms are considered “unisex” but heroines’ are not, but I’ve seen a lot more made from a lot less. I don’t recall ever hearing if anybody freaked out about this in it’s native Australia, but as you’ll expect the usual gang of idiots is already apoplectic about what they see as another assault on children by The Gay Agenda. 
Even without their “help,” of course, if the series catches at all that it’ll be roped into the debate(s) surrounding LGBTQ children is inevitable; though it’s hard for me to get a read on what those communities will/do actually think of this: The premise appears mostly played for laughs, i.e. Shezow is alternately thrilled with his powers but annoyed/embarassed at the form(s) they take (I haven’t tracked down an episode, but I’m assuming that, by the law of teen heroes’ powers usually being learning-opportunities, the hero has some sort of overcoming-his-own-assumptions-about-girls’-abilities character-arc going on?), and I’m not 100% clear as to whether the transformation (his “By the power of GraySkull!” is “You go girl!”) makes him biologically female or just puts the costume/hair/makeup on; but my sense is that any kid-targeted series that – even humorously – says “dressing outside gender-roles is cool/acceptable” has to be a step in the right direction, yes?
Well, we’ll see. “Shezow” makes it’s U.S. debut Saturday, June 1st.

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