Snapped and tweeted by LaMovieBuff at a convention in Puerto Rico is a photo that, if I were the head of marketing for Warner Bros, would be purchased and readied to be slapped on every “Man of Steel” puff-piece set to hit Time-Warner’s various magazine and news outlets over the next two weeks.

This. This image right here. This is the real, pure, true, good thing underneath all the obscene corporate/commercial bloat surrounding a movie like this (or “Avengers,” or “Pacific Rim,” or whatever.) And it’s also the literalization of my central question regarding “Man of Steel” and WB’s still shakily-uncertain DC Universe plans in general: Will they be worthy of the awe this kid is investing in just the poster? And if not, then why are they bothering to make these at all?

I hope I like this movie, but I really hope this kid likes this movie.

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