CONFIRMED: This Is Captain America’s (Shitty) New Uniform

Well. So much for that, then.

It’s basically the “Steve Rogers: Super Soldier” outfit from the brief overlap between “Bucky is Cap now” and “Steve is alive again” from a few years ago (which was in tern an in-joke homage to Jack Kirby’s Cap-parody “The Fighting American”)  but with a cowl and shield added. And yes – it’s the lack of stripes that does it. It’s not like dropping the yellow oval from the Bat-symbol; the stripes (or at the very least a healthy amount of red and white to go with all the blue) are effectively Cap’s “trademark,” the only thing that keeps him from just looking like a Power Ranger who’s missing a bunch of his mask. This is taking Superman’s “S” shield away.

These things aren’t really “all important” when you get right down to it (as I’ve said many times before, Batman has never once had a good-looking outfit in live-action and it didn’t stop his movies/TV shows from averaging out pretty decently) but it’s a bummer all the same. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen a character-design from a Marvel Studios project and just completely hated it top-to-bottom, and it stings doubly-much given just how excellent Cap looked in both appearances so far. Doesn’t really mean anything regarding “The Winter Soldier’s” overall quality, again… but still disappointing (and I bet Phil isn’t a fan, either…)

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