"Blue Is The Warmest Color" Trailer

Here’s the first U.S. trailer for “Blue Is The Warmest Color,” the lesbian romance from France that was this year’s big winner at Cannes – a move that was seen as reflective of the film’s high acclaim but also possibly a statement of support for the country’s then-recent legalization of gay marriage.

Even still, there was some controversy: Not so much over the subject matter or the content (the sex scenes between the two women are apparently so NC-17 explicit that the filmmakers and actresses have been fielding “did they or didn’t they” questions since the premier) but over the reception; with some chiding (straight) male critics and voters for allegedly overpraising the film because it aroused them. Meanwhile, the author of the graphic novel it’s based on has expressed disagreement with the adaptation, claiming that it presents too much of stylized, male-fantasy version of a female/female relationship. Either way, it’s being touted as a Best Picture contender even though a technicality makes it ineligible to compete for Best Foriegn Language Oscar.

We’ll see when it comes out. I think it’d actually be amusing to have a new-millenium version of the once-common phenomenon of highbrow European dramas pulling big bank in the U.S. on the basis of explicit sexuality.

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