Whenever I think about the state of video-game movies, I have to keep reminding myself that Spawn, Steel, Barb Wire and Howard the Duck all got big feature-film adaptations before Spider-Man did. With that in mind, here’s the first trailer for the next very, very important gaming franchise to rate it’s own movie, “Need For Speed;” which appears to feature Aaron Paul as the less interesting version of the guy from “Drive.”

Y’ever see “student films” made by bro’s who switched to Film Studies their sophmore year because their buddy showed them “Boondock Saints” and they thought they’d found their creative calling?

Well, I have – and they all have this same basic music and narration. So I understand if no one else finds this trailer gut-bustingly hilarious; but this looks like the first great comedy of 2014 to me. Can. Not. Wait.

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