We basically didn’t hear a damn thing about this most recent reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise ever since they locked the cast and started shooting. That’s not a great sign, but there also wasn’t any word of anything going “wrong” with the production – so it’s likely that the film is simply just as milquetoast, generic and middling as it looks in this first trailer, which was only just now released. Did they figure that Tom Clancy’s death at 66 was the last and only chance they were going to get at people being somewhat interested in this project?

This one was directed by Kenneth Brannagh (now, amusingly, billed as “THE DIRECTOR OF THOR!”), who will next helm the live-action “Cinderella” for Disney. Looks like somebody liked that taste of studio-blockbuster honey when they finally got it. I’d like to know who told Chris Pine this was a good career bet, though – “Sexy Young Replacement Reboot Guy” isn’t something you’d want to be typecast as, lest your name turn into a punchline about movie reboots (“They’re doin’ King Kong again. Chris Pine will be the monkey.”)

To be honest, it could look A LOT worse… but am I the only one who can’t summon up anything beyond a giant bucket of WHO CARES? What about this is supposed to look like anything other than a weaksauce copy of stuff we’ve already seen in “Bourne,” the recent Bonds, etc? It doesn’t even look as novel a variation on Clancy-esque right-wing paranoia-porn as “24” was over a decade ago.

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