“I, Frankenstein” has sounded a bit like a joke since it was announced, but I’ve got to say the trailer has style to spare – it looks like the exact sort of “bad” movie I often like right away, then everyone else likes “ironically” about five years later. Plus, it seems like an interesting use of Aaron Eckhart, who has that weird thing going on where he looks extremely handsome but also somehow unplaceably “strange” at the same time.

The early pitch, Frankenstein’s Monster getting involved with “a war between two immortal clans” sounded a bit derivative of “Underworld” (Kevin Grevioux co-created both franchises); but the fact that it looks like the “clans” are what appear to be literal Angels and a bunch of guys making more Frankenstein Monsters has nifty implications: Is this God versus Science Playing God, and maybe the “God” side are bad guys or just-as-bag guys? That I’d like to see.

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