Told You Zack Snyder Could Make Something Great Out of SUPERMAN…

…he just needed the guiding hand of someone who actually likes and/or “gets” the material. For “Man of Steel,” he had the Nolan Bros., and we saw how that turned out. But here he was working in-tandem with Bruce Timm, for decades steward of the yet-to-be-equaled DC Animated Universe; and the resulting “75 Years of Superman” short is pretty incredible…

…for the most part. There’s still a palpable sense of deflation as we segue into the egregiously awful-looking “New 52” Superman on the way to MOS Superman, who somehow looks even more dull and dour as a cartoon. Also, I’m sorry – it’s kind of bullshit that Brandon Routh (and Dean Cain!) don’t make the cut but Red/Blue “Electric” Superman does; although who could’ve predicted that one day those two and “Mullet” Superman wouldn’t be the most depressing/embarassing thing in a video like this?

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