ANCHORMAN 2 Trailer Inspires Less Confidence Than It Should

Oh, don’t get me wrong – this is funny… but so far it seems like the only thing the “ANCHORMAN 2trailers are selling is more scenes of The News Team dicking around, which was only one of the components that made the original so worthwhile.

Also, while I’m glad to see that Christina Applegate is back as Veronica and part of the story, it feels like a reduced role or even a cameo – which is disappointing.

I understand the probable logic – this sequel seems to be about Ron dealing poorly with race the same way he dealt poorly with feminism in the original, so a new character has effectively taken Veronica’s role – but I think people underestimate how important her part (the supposed “straight-man” whose just as nuts as everyone else) was to the chemistry that made the film work.

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