Well, This Looks Dissapointing…

…I’d say really dissapointing, but until this moment I’d completely forgotten they were even making this. Oh, well.

Are Mr. Peabody & Sherman really a property that “exists” for the audience this seems to be aimed at? They were probably the best remembered of the Rocky & Bullwinkle supporting features, but I feel like it’s been a long time since reruns of that were any level of kiddie-TV staple. Nevermind that turning them into a spectacle-driven 3D movie largely misses the appeal of the various Jay Ward cartoons; which were minimally animated and relied on sharp, radio-style verbal comedy and intentionally groan-inducing puns for their laughs – hence why they outlasted so many of their ‘toon contemporaries.

On the plus side, Rob Minkoff (late of “The Lion King,”) has the director’s chair, so that’s something.

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