Well… it’s still early yet, right?

I’m not sure what feels more low-rent/half-assed about this first DOFP trailer: Using both the “Sunshine” AND “The Thin Red Line” scores – the most overused trailer-music lifts outside of “Crimson Tide” and “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” – or having Wolverine spell out why it’s stupid to send Wolverine on this mission (quantum-leaping back into his 1970s self to help the cast of “First Class” fight Tyrion Lannister’s army of Transformers and presumably retcon “X3” and “Origins” further out of existence) for no other reason than “he’s the popular one.”

Hey – remember that part in “The Avengers” where everyone else just hung back and did nothing the whole time so the camera could focus on Iron Man because he’s the money-shot? Oh, right… they didn’t do that.

I’m sure it’ll be just fine, but there’s no shaking the sense that “First Class” was probably as good as this series was going to get while still moored to the first two Bryan Singer entries. With apologies to Singer… the guy was never cut-out to make blockbusters like this, and he probably wouldn’t be doing them at all if the first “X-Men” hadn’t been so surprisingly-not-shit-for-a-pre-“Spider-Man”-superhero-movie. Maybe he’ll pull this one off, and better him than Ratner again, but still…

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